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Parent: [Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #1055462016-07-29 02:17:57Grinners said:

    To the man who raised me;

    You were my father for fourteen years, I've known you since I was three. A lot of what I have become today is because of you, for better or for worse. You built me up to be just like you, introduced me to the music that you like, made me like it too. Encouraged me to continue in music and tried to shape me into a little version of yourself. You taught me how to be cruel, showed me how to be judgemental, encouraged me to put down those I love the most. You convinced me that it was okay to be horrible. A lot of what I was taught to be humour, was really abuse. I refuse to be like that, and I cast away and oppress that which you made me into. I chose to follow in your footsteps at a young age, but now I know better. Now that we forced you out of our lives, now that we live in an environment that is healthy, and happier than the one that you created for us, I know that with great effort I can become a good person. I am ashamed of the side of me that resembles you, but soon I won't be. Soon I won't see you in the mirror, and I'll be just me. I will not fear changing into you ever again.

    All love lost,

    no longer your daughter.