"I used to have a life before The Colorless"

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Parent: Your Favourite Lyrics

  1. #1056072016-07-31 00:19:32ID_Tuner said:

    The sky Is dyed with crimson red That comes out of the darkness Of what needs to be said The stars we used to know No longer glow Obscured by all the ash that falls like snow

    I watched it all Through the window of my grief I never dreamed That I would feel so cold There...I come for you

    All of my hopes are in a shroud of desolation Dreams I that once had have all been crushed Now that everything's changed, I have been holding on so desperately To the precious things That I cannot protect 'Cause I always break them...

    My heart Is played just like harp By sinful hands of darkness With nails oh so sharp Your voice is like a drug That makes me numb It leaves me with no senses, Deaf and dumb

    No matter how we try to win this war It never ends! And why must it be me Who does the fighting?

    Even if all the light around us is extinguished Even if the Earth is turned to dust I won't ever forget That tiny wish that burns eternally It will guide us to a better world, somewhere

    there I come for you yeah Ash Like Snow is falling down from your sky Ash Like Snow Ash like Snow Ash like snow Let me hear... why I have to fight?

    And now all of my hopes are in a shroud of desolation Dreams I that once had have all been crushed In exchange for the glory that can overcome the choking dark I have given up the strength I used to protect what I love (It's falling from your sky) I don't know what to do... (Baby I come for you)

    Every time that I'm cut by broken shards of what was once a dream I will reach into the darkness of my heart, and I will try to find the strength to carry on! 'Cause I've made it this far...

    -Ash Like Snow - GeekyFanDubs version