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  1. What new thing do you plan to learn?

    #1058212016-08-06 11:09:10 *niedeckerlorine said:

    I am planning to learn Interior designing in Feng-Shui way. Got an idea from babynology which had an Feng-Shui arrangement of room ideas for babies. I found it bit interesting to learn.

    Share here what new thing are you planning to learn.

  2. #1058222016-08-06 11:13:47 *Lieutenant said:

    Please tag your thread, at the very least. Also, this thread by @Rinneko is somewhat related.

    Anyways if you're asking me what new things I want to learn, they're mostly languages. I've learned a few, planning to improve. I would also like to re-learn to play a violin. I'm not sure if I have all the time for these stuffs but it's what I planned for the future (more like really want, without the existence of the commitment yet).

  3. #1058252016-08-06 12:52:30 *Enami said:

    Since this thread didn't define what kind of "things" this is about, I'll feel free to simply answer according to the question at hand, well I have a lot I want to learn, wether it's stuff I really hope I can get to start on or goals I intend on achieving at some point in my life but nothing is guaranteed so in the end it's just about hoping.

    Here's some of the things I plan to learn someday: Cooking, swimming, doing push ups properly, basic geography (basically knowing the world map better), playing a music instrument (preferably a piano or a guitar), a lot of languages (and at the top of the list there's Spanish, German, Amazigh... etc, sign language included), coding (or learning basic HTML at the very least..), riding a bike, sewing... and that's not all for sure but it's enough I think.

  4. #1058322016-08-06 16:28:53Inia said:

    Lol, push-ups. :D Just go to google images and search "yoga push plank" and boom, done. But start with the knee plank variation first. A full plank is not for a newbie.

  5. #1058462016-08-07 08:30:22Rinneko said:

    Welcome to CL, @niedeckerlorine. I clarified your title a little and added a few tags but you're welcome to change them up. It would be nice if you specified the topic of this thread in the OP.

    At the moment, I want to learn sign language, Malay, Spanish and German. I want to learn how to swim, drive a car and ride a motorcycle. I want to learn more about mythology, quantum physics, psychology, programming, law and Christian apologetics. Beyond these, there are so many things that I want to improve on.