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Parent: What does your username mean?

  1. #1058362016-08-06 19:35:35PigeonSpider said:

    I went to England before (Canterbury) and as me and our classmates ventured through the highstreet (shopping street) we came upon a boat tour where we bought ourselves tickets and decided to go on a tour on a boat, around the river that was there. The boats turned out to be Gondolas and we went with a tour guide around the river that circled the small area. He told us stories. There were tiny bridges (ones we had to duck underneath to get through) and underneath it was covered in spider webs and pigeons. There was one that was especially dark in one corner. The tour guy told us that there was a Pigeon Spider who didn't come out very often and was very shy. And it was the boss and whatever else. It was funny and then i just somehow "adopted" it. It was unique and no one else had a name like it so.