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Parent: Your Favourite Lyrics

  1. #1058812016-08-07 18:37:46 *Yugure said:


    Sometimes it's raisin' your voice

    Sometimes it's makin' some noise

    Sometimes it's provin’ to the world it was wrong

    Whenever you can't see the light

    Whenever there's no end in sight

    Keep on, keep on movin' on

    Keep on movin' on



    Here comes a day

    Here comes a moment that you gotta go for it

    So don't let it get away

    It's all about a breakthrough

    Just turn the page

    Cause everyday I'm getting closer

    Life is just a roller coaster


    You can see it in the blind sight

    Movin’ through the limelight

    Groovin’ to the music imma use it when the time's right

    Hoping I can do it through the shadows, I can shine bright

    Usually in life there's one shot, this is on

    Listen to the rhythm we given and it will make you

    Start pushin' the barriers and it will take you

    Wherever it is you wanna go, never too late to

    Keep pushing till you breakthrough

    • "Breakthrough" by Lemonade Mouth