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  1. The misconception thread

    #1059072016-08-08 07:12:11Lieutenant said:

    What are the common misconceptions people often give towards your career/studies?

    This is the thread where you can share those. It's the same sort of an expectation VS reality. What do you always hear people talking (especially from those who have no clue about it) when you describe what you're doing?

    It doesn't have to be just about career/studies, it can be about how you being a student, or if you're a couch potato, and also the simplest thing of your (daily) activity. For example, where people would always assume you're surfing on an indecent website (like CL, ahem) on your computer when you're actually doing your research. (it can be vice versa or sort, don't worry about it).

    It's also the thread of how people would stereotype things quite often. You may post that and also the reality of it.

    Bonus: it would be interesting to see your own expectation VS reality )

    The only rules is that don't be a dickbutt when posting. Also don't get offended, it might be a case of different culture that it would be perceived differently and some other reasons. Anyways, have fun.

  2. #1059082016-08-08 07:14:51Lieutenant said:

    Here's mine for now.

    Being an art student in Graphic Design, clients always think that our work is easy and not consuming any time, and should be cheap, some bastards even think it should be free. Also knowing that you can draw, everyone wants you to draw them

  3. #1059262016-08-08 18:55:33Inia said:

    10/10 On point. Can we throw in how some clients try to get semi-polished rough drafts and try to run with it?

    I think another misconception is that the words Graphic Design only mean working with digital creations, usually business collateral or just "Photoshop." Many get surprised when I bring up traditional illustration being under this umbrella.

  4. #1059582016-08-09 12:37:01Lieutenant said:

    @Inia It's also funny how when they find out we work with computers, they'd be like "it's digital made, it should be easy, the softwares do everything" Yeah right.

  5. #1059182016-08-08 13:27:49 *Enami said:

    Well there's this misconception concerning my nationality... won't get too deep about this but people mistake Morocco for either this really poor country or very extreme one when it comes to religion, they're not completely wrong but the image is very exaggerated, one of the reactions I got after saying i'm Moroccan was "What? You have computers there?" that was hilarious tbh, I never find it anything but amusing and interesting tho, and yep not everyone wear burkas here lol it's actually very rare, don't remember spotting one irl before even.

    Also, most people picture a desert when imagining what it's like here but nope there's so much variety here, from the Sahara desert to cold cities covered in snow.

    As for trivial ones about everyday life, people who don't know me too well may view me as an overly serious and hardworking person just because I get alright grades, some think I'm smart too, I am extremely lazy and some people refuse to believe that even, I even had this crazy classmate who would ask me to just be honest and tell her how I prepare etc, it's amusing still, the funniest part about this for me is that my results are nothing as great as they make them out to be and in my grade, and with how the educational system works in my environment, I believe you don't even need to be that smart or work that hard to get first place (seriously), it's actually more like they make me out to be this abnormal person so they can feel better about themselves because I'm this alien and they're just normal so they can't compete, I've just been surrounded by too many incompetent individuals I think but it's about to change soon :D I notice stuff like this happening with other individuals who do well in school too, and of course they're not that great really.

    Talked personally about my case only because I am not claiming good grades are that easy to get anywhere else in other cases

  6. #1059212016-08-08 16:07:23Kirn said:

    Well, concerning my job... I find it that people who are not good with concept of IT industry generally have no fucking clue what I am. I mean, the term "software developer" means nothing to them. And I won't even dare to go into more details, because all I get is retarded cow stares.

    Thing is, when people here think about computer-related job, at most what they can imagine is System Admin in some company. And even then they have extremely wring idea of what that job actually means. (Refer to IT Crowd series, for all its goofiness, it's extremely accurate in that representation on normal people vs IT people.) At most they can grasp the "PC user" kind of a job idea... which is like comparing your actual profession with dirt.

    Actually, even if I dumb it down as much as I can and say "I make computer programs", I still get dumb looks from some people, because they can't imagine how that kind of thing is possible.

    In any case, here it's easily explainable, cause there was no computer education to speak of, in schools, till some time after 2000. So, older generation, if they aren't in the same industry (meaning, they know about it from university learning), have no idea about IT sphere at all.

  7. #1059222016-08-08 17:02:57 *123-456-7890 said:

    To people who said that people don't understand their job:

    Most people who are consumers/customers lack a conception for the work/services, tangible and intangible, people produce. That's because they don't know how it's done, and how long it would take. So Basically all consumers are scum. I've been a consumer scum myself. But with a better understanding of how different work/services require different times and effort to accomplish, I've been more understanding. I've also become a very bad consumer by just not complaining and purchasing for goods/services as often people do. Capitalism would not be proud of me for becoming an understanding consumer.

    Basically people should be more understanding, but if they aren't they are fulfilling the role as a great consumer. Maybe that's why a lot of Americans are complete a-holes since this country is sustained by capitalism.

  8. #1059312016-08-08 21:36:45 *Kinnear said:

    As an engineering student, there are two misconceptions people often make about me.

    The first being that I'm doing it for the money. I mean yeah, the money's generally pretty (really) good in engineering. But I'm more interested in the career itself. I've always been drawn to a course load that focuses primarily on mathematics and the sciences. After I found out that business administration wasn't really up my alley when I was in university out of high school, I had to take a good 6 or 7 years off to figure out what I really wanted to do. Hell, I'm still not certain about what field of engineering I want to branch into, but the concept is one that piques my interest.

    The second common misconception is that I'm a hard worker. I'm lazy AF, I'm just generally smart enough to get through stuff without having to invest a lot of time into studies. But that's something I'm going to need to work on if I want to go far with such a competitive career choice.

  9. #1061212016-08-13 14:35:27Rinneko said:

    One would expect that attending a single-sex/all-girls school would create a sheltered, soft-spoken lady with manners.

    In reality, I feel we're more opinionated. Also, manners? What manners? We yell across the hallways for sanitary pads, flip up our pinafores to adjust our blouses, change clothes in classrooms and smack others' breasts with wet hands.