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  1. #1072122016-09-24 00:28:29EvoRulz said:

    This is the beginning of an extremely useful resource!

    As you may already be aware, Intonation is crucial when speaking Japanese (see first post in thread). As of today my all time favorite YouTuber is making a series on it, please help spread news of this so that people might donate to him so that he can make better resources! Thanks~

  2. #1072782016-09-26 01:22:05 *Noodle said:

    Preferably don't learn Japanese in the US. Or in any other country except Japan (but especially the US). If possible, of course. Every person I have met in Japan who learned a majority of their Japanese outside of Japan has garbage pronounciation (with a few exceptions of course).

    Another merit of studying in Japan is the cheap alcohol.

  3. #1072882016-09-26 05:14:07 *EvoRulz said:

    This is true for pronunciation, but there's nothing stopping you from learning how to understand Japanese before you have the resources to travel there ^_^

    from what I've heard it would be hard to get around if you don't know any kanji, so you don't go over there to START learning the language (well I wouldn't know haha)

  4. #1072922016-09-26 07:12:59Noodle said:

    I came to Japan without any knowledge at all, and in most ways I think that was good. But it wouldn't hurt being able to read and write.

  5. #1072962016-09-26 16:19:39 *Ryousei said:

    ((Excuse the forwardness but~~ I'd say more important than where you learn it is how you study it. If you focus on good pronunciation, especially if you have a teacher who has good pronunciation to mimic, it helps a lot. Don't let yourself off with 'good-enough-pronunciation'. Personal discipline there is important~))

    Sidenote: Dogen videos are p good!

  6. #1073052016-09-27 01:29:39 *Noodle said:

    Arin Hanson has a private Japanese native speaker as a teacher. His pronounciation is still terrible. Just saying.

    But having a bad pronounciation isn't the end of the world, I admit. And yeah, discipline helps.

  7. #1073112016-09-27 11:01:49Ryousei said:

    @Noodle@Noodle As someone who winces at the really rough pronunciations, I get where you're coming from though hahaha! and having a native speaking Japanese teacher will only help as much as you let it help - if they don't point out your bad pronunciations and you don't actively try to pay attention to it, it probably won't stick, unfortunately haha!

  8. #1074992016-10-08 10:20:59 *Visitor said:

    This thread is helpful. Also, I think those sites and apps you mentioned will help learners learn Japanese fast. Keep up the good work! Japanese learners, especially beginners, need to use correct methods in order to learn fast.


  9. #1077122016-10-21 03:14:33EvoRulz said:

    Woah, thankyou @Visitor! In my free time after exams i'm definately going to be doing more japanese so there should be updates coming soon ^_^ within the month

  10. #1080252016-11-13 10:36:11EvoRulz said:

    A japanese person called me today and I realised I really have dropped the ball . _ .

    Well, i've begun my kanji again, and all that, i suppose i should really get onto this xD

    more content coming soon hopefully, already 2 more useful links found discussing with a friend coming soon

  11. #1081392016-11-21 19:45:09S9 said:

    rose is red

    violet is blue

    stick it up your ass




    bara wa akaku

    sumire wa aoi

    kono kusottare

  12. #1085772016-12-29 23:20:22 *EvoRulz said:

    It's not too late~! check it out :)

    I highly reccomend this service, even just the free trial will last you months and give you some good foundations in learning kanji and the way you choose to go about it

    i give it a 9/10

  13. #1121142017-09-29 01:59:53 *EvoRulz said:

    found an old link for another website for learning japanese~

    at the moment i am using wanikani, memrise, and duolingo (all of these applications and websites can be found on the first page of the thread) ^_^