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  1. Turn This Into Art (thread game)

    #1062992016-08-19 21:37:44 *masculyn said:


    The thread works like this. First off, a user takes the squiggle from the post above you, and turns it into a magnificent work of art using MS paint. And for the sake of continuity the user will then post a squiggle or some incomprehensible diagram, of their own, like this:

    As many people as possible should reply with an image that turn the squiggle into a beautiful picture. Like this:

    The most creative interpretations win! Your prize is respect. I'll start this thread off with a squiggle of my own. Let the creativity commence!

    NSFW'd in case someone inevitably draws a dick.

  2. #1063962016-08-23 06:04:26 *Blush said:
    Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed. So this started out as a meme face but somehow turned into pokemon on drugs. From qarrs doodle