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  1. Lucifer [TV series]

    #1063512016-08-21 15:21:22 *Kirn said:

    Hello, one and all. As you may or may not know, I am not a huge fan of TV series, but I do go out on hunts for some decent ones from time to time. And I just finished watching the one I felt was pretty good, so I am here now to share it with you, you lowly humans. Praise me.

    Now, this is pretty self-explanatory. Lucifer decides to take a big vacation, leaves hell, starts living in LA, though, god knows, there are seriously better places out there to pass your time. The idea for the character comes from popular comic writer Neil Gaiman and his best work - Sandman. In these comics, Kucifer at some point became so fucking bored with ruling hell, that he announced that key for hell is up for grabs, and anyone who wishes for it, can try for it. Which caused quite a bit of the commotion, after which he fucked off to have fun with life. And he did, he got his own spin-off comic series, as far as I know. Which I never red.


    That all is, however, perfectly useless here. The show here is not taking after comics, and I have to say - that's very good. Cause then if would have been to mind-fucking to enjoy. No, only initial idea - satan taking a break from hell - is what similar.
    So, the main story if this tale is that Lucifer, while living among humans, starts to change. To the point of actually becoming more human and even more humane. That is connected with him meeting the female lead of the show - Chloe, who is a cop and, possibly, one good pure soul in the whole damn city. Demon gets interested and proceeds to help her along with her investigations. While being constantly bothered by another angel and his own demonic bodyguard. Oh, and also by his therapist.


    So okay, let's get technical here. This show got 1 season so far (2nd one in the works, first episode is due in September). Mostly every episode is similarly structured - each revolves around some police case with Lucifer being a constant, but very helpful, annoyance to... well, to everyone around him, really. But, obviously, mostly to Chloe. Along the way the main storyline would get some movement to, eventually leading up to a definite conclusion with all the same definite route for continuation.
    And now I will tell you something horrible. This is a family show. You may start laughing now. But there's no gore. I mean, sure, there are people being shot and brutally murdered, but it's not done gratuitously. There's no actual nudity. And I know what you think - how can a series about club owner who is a devil have no nudity! But there really is none! I mean, sure, people are getting undressed at the time, and there's a fuckton of dirty jokes going around, and in more than half of episodes, Lucifer wakes up after having 3- or 4-somes. But it's all done in mild way. Fuck, they even 'bleeped out' the word fuck in this production!


    So, why exactly do I like it? Well, mostly because of the Lucifer himself. The character is properly enjoyable. He is absolutely honest about his origin, enjoys fucking with people (in all ways), gives zero fucks about what anyone thinks, and is a constant and deliberate pain in the ass for everyone who meets him. He is charismatic, and he alone is worth it to watch the show, with his combination of juvenile desire for stuffs and overpowering abilities. Actually, show had to try hard with (spoilers here) taking away his abilities to make the character rely more on wit and talking than on just overpowering anything. Though, we do get to see some nice demonic/angelic ass-kicking from time to time, and those scenes are also quite timely.


    There are 2 other things I do enjoy about this. You might be surprised with this, but the show's decency made it very agreeable to me. I often complain that recent tv series attract their audiences with tits and pussy and nothing else. Which is not the case here. As I said, all the dirty stuff is mentioned, is kinda shown, but there's no focus on that, and that's what makes it nice. It's like saying 'yes, this guy fucks 3 girls named Britney at the same time, but we don't make that the attraction of the show'.
    Second thing is actually a very simple thing, but it made me watch it to the end. The music. There's some good rock there! Obviously, a ton of songs about the devil, as you can expect. And, really, this whole thing starts with "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked", which got me hooked immediately. I respect people who care to put good tunes in the work.


    Now, whine I obviously would mention good things, t is my obligation to mention not so good things. The obvious being the criticism towards the show, for not being properly based on the Lucifer comics. Well, I did explain that already - while the character is based on idea of those authors, it's not exactly based on the comic itself. However, they do have a very good point, being this turning potentially very powerful character into just another cop with a twist in another crime drama series. Which is actually a valid point, and I have to agree on this entirely. As I said, episodes all follow the very straightforward route, and if that's not your cup of tea, you won't be interested.
    Another thing is... this is a very, as I stated before, mild production. It's not taking risks, I think, is the right expression here? I mean, at the end of the show, there's actually not much changes in the dynamics and relationships between characters compared to the start. Sure, there are plot revelations, that change things, but basically everyone stays in their place. So if you are going for some major plot changes and huge developments - skip this one. This one is entertaining you on very humble scale of things.


    So, I was googling pictures to put here, and stumbled on this article. Christians are fucking morons, which I said times and times again, and they keep proving my point.

    In any case. This series, in my opinion, is a decent source of some good clean fun without too much thinking about it. Which can be a very good thing at times. For me the show worked, obviously, due to my immediate feeling of connection with the main character. For you it may or may not work, but I do urge you to watch the pilot at least. Since the show stays pretty much the same from the start, your opinion about the first episode would be a good way to judge if you would want to see the rest of it or not.

  2. #1064012016-08-23 18:47:32Kirn said:

    Characters are quite clueless at times, yeah. Especially Chloe with all her not recognizing the devil's powers thing. Well, that's the plot, nothing can be done about it.

    I do wonder if they will mix things up in second season. Though, I am quite bad at keeping up with ongoing shows, so I imagine I will see it all sometime at the end of the year.

  3. #1066442016-09-03 05:35:35Rinneko said:


    I really like the show's concept. The characters are a bit flat, in my opinion, but that's to be expected with the all-round-evil Satan. I'm a little tired of their dilemmas now but I've only watched two episodes so we'll see.