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  1. Last Letter, First Letter [Forum Game]

    #1064102016-08-24 12:14:51 *Qarr said:

    I've found CL suspiciously devoid of dull, lackluster, boring forum games requiring little to no thought. So being the kind, helpful, awe-inspiring person that I am, I've decided to rectify this situation! I've looked through the forum games and couldn't find anything similar but if this is a duplicate do tell me and I will take this down.

    The goal of the game:

    The goal of the game is simple, take the last letter of the word above you and start your own word with said letter.

    - Use one word and one word only.

    - Words must be at least 3 letters.

    - No double posting.

    - No repeated words from the last 20 posts.

    - Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, and Adjectives guys!

    Just an example bro:

    User #1: Cigar

    User #2: Recline

    User #3: Egg

    Le Starting Word:

    Car (:D)