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  1. The Colorless News (Issue #13)

    #1064932016-08-27 06:25:41Kirn said:

    The Colorless News

    (27.08.2016, Issue #13)

    Staff missing, send help!

    There was a big break between CL News Issues number 12 and 13, for one simple reason. CL News mostly deals with major site developments and changes in CL staff. And in recent year, there was not many events worth noticing. Things have looked so calm, in fact, that it raised the question of being that lack of news news-worthy all in itself. However, in this state of calm something was missing. And, as it turned out, it’s a big part of staff that is missing.
    Now, missing may not mean they are actively missing from CL. But the contribution would certainly be something that’s not apparently seen. And CL rangers are the obvious first target in that area. MrTingles, who was made ranger after his step down from mod position, haven’t been active on chat. Lycan remains a shameful spon on the whole CL staff history, acting only when it’s in his own interest. Kiboune exists only on ru channel. And we even have OneDollar, who is rangered for no reason other than making badges, and who isn’t ranger in any official capacity. Things with that group are a real mess.
    Going up one level, we have moderators. On the outside, things look better here, with project participation and even organization, and somewhat active presence on chat. Even Gwynn – who was the least active moderator – is now having bigger presence on the site. However, what can be said about the actual moderator work recently? One can argue, that there was no need for moderator action recently, and it is certainly true, but what if there is? It is known, that the chat argument may remain unstopped even with moderator present. It is also known, that timezone coverage remains lacking. Even more so with only 4 mods left. And Rinneko remains a single Asian moderator, while 3 others are located in US, leaving Asia timezone only partly covered and EU timezone completely empty.
    But it’s well-known fact, that moderators state represent the state of admins. And here is where the trouble is. Admin presence on site is currently almost non-existent. Warlock, while appearing on chat at times, remains very inactive and had only 4 forum posts in last 7 months. There are rumors of him making new CL site, and he can be reached through staff, currently the head admin is very hard to see. Which the second admin is completely missing. Kip had no forum posts in the past 6 months, and was last seen on CL more than month ago (preceded by another month+ period of not even opening the site page). Her participation is staff affairs is also non-existent, meaning that unbanning Kirn remains her main act as CL admin, and no better contributions were made, not for a long time. While reasons for her absence – which we will not discuss here – are understandable, lack of warning before disappearing and the fact that the site now has ‘ghost’ admin are quite disturbing.
    Years ago, CL’s problem was overblown staff. That was the problem that DC started to fix, when he was Admin, but it now seems like staff got too small, and perhaps even powerless. Which leaves community to tend for itself. Perhaps, with the state of CL now, this is enough. Perhaps, not.

    Colorless project. Slow, but, hopefully, kicking.

    While things on CL are slow, site still manages to put out some projects, though not it a very active way. After Second Colorless Chess Tournament, it is again time for singing and writing. Pokemon Theme Song, aptly made during Pokego hype, recently got completed, combining efforts of 9 singers, 2 editors and some additional guests. Brave Shine chorus, which will use Fate/Grand Order art for video, is now in the video-editing stage. Which will last a while, as Momimochi – manager and only editor of the project – stated, that video will take from 1 to 1.5 months to make. Writing project, with Love and War being the current theme, seems to be having some troubles. Due to the lack of submissions, Jack has extended the project deadline, which happened 11 days ago. Since then there was no activity on the thread.

    Issue #13, from 27.08.2016
    Staff: Lurker-reporter, editor, designer – @Kirn
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  2. #1064982016-08-27 08:35:39Taro_Tanako said:

    Seems legit. Oddly, CL has been so devoid of drama that maybe less active staff have actually encouraged the community.

    If @Warlock is working on a new site (keeping chat I hope) then that could be exciting...

  3. #1065052016-08-27 14:22:47Rinneko said:

    Years ago, CL’s problem was overblown staff.

    now seems like staff got too small

    Haha, I guess CL likes extremes.