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  1. At One Point In Time (your own story)

    #1067322016-09-06 02:47:41 *ccc said:

    Well this one time I almost bought this site , I could have been like the leader of the dollars ,then realized I'd go broke and wouldnt have enough time to get on, due to my restarting duties as a dishwasher

    I slep'd in the mornings washed dishes from afternoon to midnight Someone had to wash those dishes and it was me

    If I bought this place I probably would have ran it to the ground

  2. #1067342016-09-06 04:16:45EvoRulz said:

    At one point in time I was king of Pokemon Go in my area with a level 416 pidgeot so i quit while i was ahead and played the real pokemon instead B) good times

  3. #1067422016-09-06 22:13:45 *wu-se said:

    This thread is very empty, and those tags, horrible. No wonder people are flagging it...

  4. #1067562016-09-07 23:28:03EvoRulz said:

    CL is very empty Mr. Mushoku, those people would be better to create some more content than sit there flagging things

  5. #1067572016-09-07 23:53:33 *EvoRulz said:

    Why not use this as a writing prompt?

    At one point in time I was able to finish my homework within the five minutes of it being assigned. I loved maths in primary school where all you had to do was name some polygons and wonder why Jerry was buying 40 watermelons anyway, "advanced maths" and "advanced english" ah the good old ' days.


    I wish I had learned how to study at an earlier age... my grades are average :|

  6. #1067702016-09-08 09:20:33wu-se said:

    This thread really is awful, and will now be sealed for the rest of time.