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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1067542016-09-07 16:22:23Kirn said:

    All the Way (2016)

    So, LBJ was the guy who became president after JFK got shot. Btw, LBJ's vice-president was HHH, and imagine how funny that presidential alliteration! But enough with the humor. Lyndon Johnson, as he got sworn in, took on a hard work of both changing the laws, which didn't make many friends for him, and trying to actually win in next election properly. And that movie in about that period of time - Lyndon's presidency from Kennedy's death and 'till his election.
    Bryan Cranston is the lead here, and the movie holds on his charisma and presence, as you can expect. Actually, it's like he reprising his Trumbo role, cause that one also was political and grand. This one is even more so. Now, the movie follows civil rights legislation. Those events are well known historically. But also the movie tries to explore the characters of people involved... And I can't really say much about it. I have seen a few good and bad reviews, but honestly, it's anybody's guess, how well this is represented.
    Actually, I will admit my incompetence in this matter and leave you this wikipedia link. That's all I can give today.