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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1067822016-09-08 20:04:09Kirn said:

    Genius (2016)

    Yes, next one so soon. This one is about 30-ies, about editor Maxwell Evarts Perkins and writer
    Thomas Wolfe and their work together. Now, Maxwell, apparently, was responsible for discovering Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald. And then this Wolfe guy came along, and he wrote a metric fuckton of pages. And Maxwell's job was to make the book presentable to the public. Which meant to cut a lot of stuff.
    So, praised be the internet, this one actually got an article on my usual site which I urge you to read right away. What can be said about it? Again, story is made slightly more dramatic. Maxwell wasn't taken by the work immediately, Aline's suicide attempt was much less dramatic, there was some additional monetary settlement, which contributed to the separation of the writer and the publishing agency. However, a lot of key elements were done right - Wolfe had older obsessive lover, Maxwell really got into work, books were fucking huge (I mean sheer volume right now)...
    Are characters represented right? I mean, it is what movie essentially concentrates on. Hell if I know, really. But, considering it's the world of writers - huge boisterous people with large personalities... I'd say, it is believable. And to add to that, that Wolfe died cause of brain tuberculosis, which probably contributed t his writing and behavior quite a bit... So yeah, I'd go with believable, though, obviously made to fit the dramatizations of the screenplay.