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  1. Lieutenant birthday celebration thread. [Choosing the right cake for Lt]

    #1069422016-09-13 03:53:35 *Kirn said:

    Today is a glorious day of @Lieutenant's birthday. She is the last decent person left on this pathetic site, and her b-day is on 13th, which is additionally cool, so you are obliged to celebrate it. Go send her gifts immediately.

    But really, Lie, I congratulate you... well, you know I already congratulated you and sent you small humble gift, but yeah, happy birthday. I remember that you dislike cakes, so there, have a snake in b-day hat instead.

    I wish you happiness and death to all the people you dislike. Which is also happiness, yes. Enjoy you birthday and don't let anyone get to you, not today, not ever.

    And there, have a cake anyways!

  2. #1069442016-09-13 04:02:48Kirn said:

    I actually thought about posting this cake, googled exactly this one, but I didn't know if you would enjoy snake-shaped cake. After all, snakes aren't for eating. Humans are for eating.

  3. #1069492016-09-13 04:29:45CQKumber said:

    happy birthday bud, golly how time flies it feels like just a day ago you were still 22

    hope today and all those other days in the year're super rad and that you

  4. #1070152016-09-15 15:26:56 *Lieutenant said:

    I met @armedzerox today (or just now) at the airport because he returned home from Japan for a week or so. He gave me these two items on our first time meeting, due to my (belated) birthday. A flip phone and chocolates.

    Like seriously, what kinda stranger would give you a (flip) phone as a gift? He's a pretty cool guy. And really, thanks a lot )

    Also to the rest of you guys for the wishes, really.