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Parent: Teas~!

  1. #1069962016-09-14 19:55:57 *masculyn said:

    I'm back again, but this time with a shopping list of everyone's autumn/winter tea essentials.

    To start, here are the blends that I've restocked for the oncoming autumn; all recommended by yours truly. The '$' indicates how expensive each one is. They're all loose-leaf so if you're not accustomed to bagging your own teas before drinking, I'll also link you to some very easy and fool-proof strainers.

    • Spiced Apple Cider Rooibos Long-cut red rooibos leaves with cinnamon spice, apple slices, chicory, plum and hibiscus blended to create a new take on a traditional fall treat. Enjoy natural, caramel-like sweetness in every sip. Made with all-natural ingredients. $$$

    • Masala Chai A classic Indian Chai made with broken Assam. A very popular blend with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla. $$

    • Blackberry mojito Green Tea Latin-inspired minty mojito green tea cocktail combines blackberries and raspberries with a spearmint kick. $$$

    • Carrot Rooibos This naturally sweet rooibos blend has got cinnamon and ginger for an extra zing of warmth, plus carrots and apple to get that perfect fruity balance with rich cocoa shells. $$$

    • August Moon Full chrysanthemum flowers and mint. $

    • Yerba Mate Roasted Roasted to produce yerba mate with a nutty taste and aroma. $


    These are teas that I cannot personally recommend yet, since I haven't tried them. But following is a list of teas that I've just ordered for myself, would like to order, or have ordered for other people before (with good feedback). Let the autumn be full of tea.

    • Cucumber Melon Green Tea Cooling cucumber balanced with candied pineapple, sliced orange and apple fuse fabulously with zucchini, carrot, beetroot, a zesty ginger lime twist and melon with bright hibiscus and a hint of juniper berry on a sweet, floral China Misty Green tea base.

      Okay, this tea sounds intense, and it is recommended that it be served over ice, but my friend insists on serving it hot, especially with breakfast. If any of you try this one, let me know. It's number one on my wishlist. $$

    • Nutty Granola Crunch Rich and nutty rooibos with apple, almonds, creamy coconut and sweet brittle.

    I thought this one was also a little odd, considering the salesperson insisted it stated like granola in a cup. I asked if I could have a scent test, and it smelled (and looked) heavenly. I didn't end up buying it as it was a bit pricey, but I haven't stopping thinking about it since. $$$

    • Organic White Peony Organic white tea from Fujian Province. This cup produces a light and sweet flavor, but bolder than Silver Needle. $$
    That completes it. Hope some of you are able to gift yourself a brew, and I hope everyone carries through the colder weather.