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  1. #1070292016-09-16 14:32:50 *Yugure said:

    Wowowowowowow ok. I see how it is.

    For me, there's...nothing interesting in this upcoming season, so I have to rely on others again.

    I could finally start Hunter x Hunter if I put my mind into it~

    Gdi, and I was gonna create this thread, but it slipped my mind

  2. #1070312016-09-16 14:48:17Ecstasy said:

    @Yugure sorry, Yugu.

    I actually started watching Hunter x Hunter (2011) yesterday because I wanted to do it for quite a while and this season does look kinda bare, at least compared to the previous one.

  3. #1070342016-09-16 16:56:19Wolfangle said:

    Not much for this fall, too much chibi/moe stuff. I like serious animation and effort in plot. Not talking about new seasons, but Shuumastsu no Izetta & Occultic;Nine look pretty interesting. Then i gotta check out this new digimon to shit on how bad this new concept idea is. Annnd 2 new seasons of different gundam series are always nice