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  1. Naruto Shippūden [Anime Discussion]

    #1070432016-09-17 01:57:24 *EvoRulz said:

    ! WARNING !


    Known previously the Naruto Shippūden: The Final Battle [Anime Discussion], this thread is place where you can discuss all things within and relating to Naruto Shippūden. Make sure to use spoiler tags if necessary!

  2. #1070722016-09-18 02:48:27EvoRulz said:

    Basing on the manga series, the end of the episode 475 of the anime is seven chapters away from the end. However, there have been reports that the upcoming episode 476 will feature the last seven chapters of the manga, chapters 694 to 700.

  3. #1070772016-09-18 04:13:27Rebel said:

    Just waiting for every episode to release then watch the entire war without stop... then the fillers will have no effect on me cause I could choose whether to watch it or not (some fillers are good tho)

  4. #1071392016-09-21 06:22:19EvoRulz said:

    At my place we're gonna have like 10 people over to watch it on a 55 inch LCD screen owo and then watch the two movies after :D

  5. #1072892016-09-26 05:22:32 *EvoRulz said:

    I just did some research, and it appears that their will be another three epsiodes after the final battle, to get the anime to the same amount of episodes as the manga does entries. While not filler they don't appear particularly important as episodes 698, 699 and 700 are going to an epilogue of sorts covering all the material up until Naruto: The Last. while the last three don't seem all that important, some people may care so just thought everyone might want to know.

    -A friend I invited to the party

  6. #1075832016-10-14 03:35:26 *EvoRulz said:

    Well I was pretty disappointed that they took an extra week to finish it, but the actual episode was amazing! And I'm actually really glad I didn't watch the movie first and see the unison sign because that really made the show for me, right at the end of the episode. What I don't understand yet is how they got thier arms back for the 'Naruto: The Last' movie.. maybe that will be explained in the few remaining episodes. But now i'm watching the movie and loving it :> sucker for the NaruHina ship. Next up boruto :3 which is the stupidest name i've ever heard but bolt is a brilliant nickname

  7. #1100562017-04-12 19:35:52mizlily said:

    It sucked, the fight between minato and ****** when 9 tails invaded the village was so much cooler, and that lasted for like 30 seconds?

  8. #1100632017-04-13 04:39:13EvoRulz said:

    i know right.. my favortie fight was the taijutsu with kakashi and ****** that went for like 2 mins with no flashbacks or anything lel

  9. #1120642017-09-23 04:27:28 *EvoRulz said:

    My favorite arc was either the pain arc, because of the sheer awesomeness in how they present Naruto

    and how he FLIPS when Hinata was then thrown to the ground and impaled right after she confessed her love for him

    Either that or the story of naruto's parents ♥ goals

    the videos will spoil a lot if you haven't finished Naruto Shippuden up to the end of the pain arc yet!