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  1. Christmas Project Planning

    #1071242016-09-21 03:26:27EvoRulz said:

    Hey Guys! CL is pretty quiet this season so let's plan a Christmas project in advance maybe?

    Post any ideas you have for Christmas projects here~

  2. #1077302016-10-23 04:56:35Xyopq said:

    It's easy enough to send, just make sure to fill out the address in it's entirety and take it to your local post office. They'll weigh the package and let you know how much you need to pay as well as any problems that might arise. Depending on the contents, the person receiving the package may have to pay a customs charge, but this is pretty rare.

  3. #1075402016-10-11 00:58:30 *EvoRulz said:

    I've talked to OneDollar and there may be a Christmas badge up for grabs either for people who logged in on Christmas day or people who participated in a Christmas project or something

  4. #1075532016-10-12 05:25:36 *Kirn said:

    Wow... badge for logging in... so useless...

    Badge should be given for some actual effort, otherwise it's just shitstain on your profile.

  5. #1077092016-10-21 03:01:45 *EvoRulz said:

    I suppose so @Kirn, do you think attending Movie night or participating in Gifmas are badge worthy.. or would it need to be more chorus or art or writing related, where you have to create some new content? The gift hunt idea sounds okay to me, not that you usually have to search for gifts but.. there is some effort there at least.. i'm not sure.

  6. #1077102016-10-21 03:10:33Kirn said:

    Badges for what you mentioned are worthless. It's same as wanting badge for every random post you make. Badges we got don't always require creating content - like chess badges, for example, or the one we had for easter hunt. But still. Some fucking effort is needed.

  7. #1077272016-10-22 10:46:59Taro_Tanako said:

    I...don't know what's wrong with me but...I 100% agree with @Kirn. I guess the sixth circle of Hell is awaiting me...

    But yeh, he's right that badges shouldn't be cheap (cheaper) to earn and that they take someone effort to even make (more effort to argue than design/construct I'd think).

  8. #1082722016-12-05 02:53:24EvoRulz said:

    It's about time we set these project ideas in motion, anyone is free to start a project based on the ideas presented here. I'm personally going to be going down the chorusy road again.

  9. #1083382016-12-11 10:20:30EvoRulz said:

    go for it! by all means, start a project~

    I am not going to be able to host them all since work and life are busy, but i am running a CCCC...C.D project :3

  10. #1083502016-12-12 16:51:45Kirn said:

    I would say that it's not entirely horrible idea. Though, you know, it's almost middle of December, you westerners celebrate xmas on 24th, so it's like 10 days away, and we all know that general CL population won't be able to organize, sing and decide who would judge the competition in that time.

    But sure, go for it.