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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1071792016-09-22 04:41:53 *Kirn said:

    Free State of Jones (2016)

    This movie tells a very interesting story - about an armed rebellion against the confederacy in the state of Louisiana, which is considered by many to be one of the most pro-confederacy states even. Led by a man named Newton Knight, played in this movie by Matthew McConaughey.
    So, this is really interesting. First of all, I never knew this was a thing, but apparently, part of Louisiana did rebel hard during civil war, and they never were really suppressed - war ended. And thankfully, there is something to read about there, so I can relate you to the usual site that picks at specific facts and also to a related article about preparations for the movie.
    It seems, only parts of what shown was true, and as you can imagine, a lot of untrue parts were made up for dramatics by Hollywood. Nephew Daniel is fictional and clearly made for us to feel bad. Moses is fictional and made up as representation of local Negroes. Asshole tax collector is fictional and is clear representation of many asshole tax collectors of the time who, I imagine, were just as bad. Military commander of the region is based on the real person, and the attack at the church actually happened, but the guy was shot at different event and not strangled there.
    Historical facts are there too. Anger at '20 Negroes law', hiding out in swamps, taking over the county and getting a shitty end of the stick after it was all said and done, cause - surprise-surprise - slavery and nigger-hating didn't quite end there. Nope, rich fucks were reinstated, KKK started riding out... good times.
    Trial of Davis Knight is actually true, and that is what cracks me up about this all - family matters. Because it is true - Newton married to white woman, had 9 children with her, went to have a common marriage with black woman, had 5 kids with her, and then, after she died, entered common marriage with her daughter from other white man and had 2 more kids with that one. Which is what they don't show in movie - you see his having only 2 kids there. So, those who call that guy white trash actually do have a point. At the same time, he was a military leader that got the whole rebellion going quite successfully, so it can be assumed that he was just as grand as he is portrayed in the movie. It's just that Hollywood made the image more romantic by taking away the more questionable parts, just as they do.

    All in all? A lot of made up stuff, but this movie does tell about a very interesting events which aren't widely known, I guess. So there's obvious merit in watching it and then going to check on more facts.