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  1. About Tags Survey

    #1072462016-09-24 22:08:49 *123-456-7890 said:

    We're doing a survey to see if people still use tags or not. Please tell us if you use the tags system, like using it, or find it useful.

  2. #1072542016-09-25 04:41:30Kirn said:

    Tags were Gargron's idea of switching from forum boards when we got to new site back in the early years of this fucking site. And damn, that idea sucked ass...

    Now, I obviously use tags system, having my own tag, which you all should worship, ang actively tagging my threads, in vane hopes that some fucker will search content using it. Which is absolutely vane, because we actually don't have tags search of this fucking site. Yes, got tags, don't have tags search. You can check this out yourself and search... "4th_tag" for example. It has threads, but search returns nothing.

    So, tags essentially are only useful when you are ready to go to the tag page and dig through them yourself, which is a crappy way to search for anything. Meaning, in current implementation, they only work to give you quick recap of what thread is about when you already found the thread.

    Personally, I preferred when we had boards. Projects, anime, games and other stuff was sorted out to general categories, and random useless shite, which CL users pump out every day, like forum games, were moved to 'spam' board, and we had option to not see that one, which I gladly used.

    So there you go. Tags should either be fixed to work like tags, or they should be removed in favor of some actual working system.

    Also, really, don't put yes/no voting on something like this. Ask people to write fucking opinions. Just so you know - I didn't vote yes or no anyways.

  3. #1072582016-09-25 06:12:06Rebel said:

    I never used them... But it is useful I guess, if you're looking for digging up old things... Umm instead of removing it, make it so that users are reminded that it actually exists... Or what Krinny said with bringing back boards, cause the main page is just a cluster fuck of random shit and rarely anyone seems to click next at the bottom of the page or go to tags to participate in anything other than what's in front of them on the main paged that's always being repeatedly bumped....

    I voted No

  4. #1072612016-09-25 06:15:41 *Lieutenant said:

    I would personally like the tags more if it isn't so clusterfucked and can be spawn anytime without any content. We have more useless tags so to say, only a few pages in front are useful and the rest of them are just trashes. I use tags (properly) so to say. It would be nice if the tags are used specifically and not just spawned out of nowhere.

    I liked the board system like Kirn said, though I wasn't active on the time, but it kept the front page cleaner from more spam game threads that I've noticed of. Mod board though, that was nice, keeps us all updated on Staff activity rather than hiding in staff chats.

    Oh also, when you spawn a tag, as far as I know, the tag won't ever disappear even if you delete the thread.

  5. #1073002016-09-26 19:47:29Neko-Chan said:

    Being a web designer who has worked on forumesque projects before, I'll approach this thread from a more pragmatic perspective.

    First off, I really like tags.

    On this website I personally use them however I agree with my constituents above: tags are not implemented well on this website. I see this as a problem of three parts:

    • They aren't searchable
    • They aren't very well indexed
    • They aren't moderated

    It goes without saying that if you search for a tag term, it should show up. Why this doesn't happen in our search is ridiculous. To my knowledge the website uses a google based search that routinely indexes pages and their content for the search engine to parse though. Knowing that, it makes sense why tags aren't included in results for our current implementation. Doesn't make it any less stupid though. Imo, should be fixed.

    The only way to use tags is to either know them, create them, or by chance use one when trying to create one. One could view all of the tags the website has by going to the tag index page however that page isn't very well designed or informative. It acts like a list forum boards with no consistency rather than a way to discover tags. When creating a thread, the tags should show up, either by checking for terms in your actual content, or by showing a list of similar tags according to any new tag you are trying to create. To fix this requires some serious ux consideration and maybe even some structural changes (For instance posts and threads are the same data structure as can be seen with the child posts feature).

    Does the staff have any control over who makes tags? How do the good ones rise to the top? Do we have a tag for porn? Oh apparently we do. Obviously to help curb the propagation of tags, we should have some way to moderate them so that bad tags don't keep reappearing. Certain tags should be locked so they can be used exclusively by the staff or project leaders. I could go on but I think I've made my point.

    If we fixed these three issues, I think more of the community would be on board with tags and not want to regress a forum board system (Ha puns).

  6. #1073092016-09-27 04:31:49 *Warlock said:

    From seeing responses, and the poll itself, I feel that tags in general are a good idea, and would be beneficial for the site, but I agree pretty much with Neko. Having said that though, removing them while not replacing it with a better version seems like we'd be going backwards.