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Parent: About Tags Survey

  1. #1072612016-09-25 06:15:41 *Lieutenant said:

    I would personally like the tags more if it isn't so clusterfucked and can be spawn anytime without any content. We have more useless tags so to say, only a few pages in front are useful and the rest of them are just trashes. I use tags (properly) so to say. It would be nice if the tags are used specifically and not just spawned out of nowhere.

    I liked the board system like Kirn said, though I wasn't active on the time, but it kept the front page cleaner from more spam game threads that I've noticed of. Mod board though, that was nice, keeps us all updated on Staff activity rather than hiding in staff chats.

    Oh also, when you spawn a tag, as far as I know, the tag won't ever disappear even if you delete the thread.