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  1. Observing With NASA online telescopes

    #1074302016-10-04 01:50:25 *imugem said:

    Recently I stumbled across a website with a Telescope Network powered by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. To put it simply, there are telescopes in the United States in Arizona that you can use to take pictures of things in outer space. Certain settings can be chosen such as filters, zoom, and exposure time. Within 24-48 hours, the picture(s) you took are sent to your email.

    A program is also provided that you can download and use to edit your photos and even make full colored ones, and tutorials are provided to show you how to enhance your images properly.

    It's pretty cool to see what images you can create and the things you can capture even from thousands of light years away. You can begin here. Below I will share some of the images I have made. Keep in mind I still have yet to master the editing software and the more you experiment, the better they turn out. Please share ones you have made if you chose to do so!

    Lagoon Nebula before, after, and hubble (4,100 light years away).


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    Orion Nebula before, after, and hubble (1,500 light years away). http://mo-www.harvard.edu/ImageDirectory/OrionNebulaM161001120923.GIF

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