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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1075922016-10-14 14:16:18Kirn said:

    The Infiltrator (2016)

    And it's Bryan Cranston again. Man, that guy does a lot of true story movies recently. This one is about the huge drug bust that was made possible due to infiltrating the cartel and actually working in laundering its money for a while.
    So, main question, as always is, how true this all is. And again, I found the article on my usual site. And looks like, most of the dramatic stuff was added there just for the effect. No cake-bashing, no voodoo rituals, noone saw what was actually in the case, even arrest at the wedding isn't exactly true. So, I guess, this movie just outlines the facts and generously sprinkles it with a lot of Hollywood drama magic.
    Oh well. At least the guy whom Bryan Cranston plays is happy with how the film turned out.