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Parent: TheColorless Discussion #3: The flaws in your education system

  1. #1078072016-11-01 17:28:37Kirn said:

    Hmmm... Well, I immediately can say, that my country inherited a very good education system from USSR times. USSR had one of the best educations, really. And we got those teachers, those classes, free education at its finest, and it was good, too.

    However, along the way, we kinda dropped the ball. I had teachers themselves admit to me, that the curriculum becoming worse. Generally, it can be blamed on lack of funding and the fact that education program is decided by government, and my government is shit.
    I visited a presentation recently, where education representatives clearly admitted that current education program can give knowledge, but can't really prepare student for actual work in a chosen sphere. And, even then teachers mean well, their hands can be tied by official program.

    Most old teachers I know were studying in Moscow or St. Petersburg, and for them universities there are like the golden standard, which is harder and harder to keep up with. And newer generation teachers don't even have examples like that, so the whole thing kinda goes downhill as time passes.

    Now, I can't say it's all bad. And I can't say that education is crumbling. It's just a slow downhill movement, but still, negative overweights the positive for now, so it's slowly getting worse. I will add to this, if I would think of more particular details.

  2. #1078282016-11-02 18:06:05Kirn said:

    @Lieutenant that is very much true. Free education is great thing, so, I can't really complain on that point. Obviously, for some, who don't have good enough grades coming from school, universities offer contract education - paid form. But if you study well enough, you are guaranteed free education.

  3. #1078542016-11-03 04:31:58Kirn said:

    Yeah, it is. Well, we have some private universities, where you can apply only for money. But government university will pay you if you got really good grades. It's not really a lot of money though. Less than 50 bucks per month most of the time, I think. @Lieutenant

  4. #1078742016-11-04 00:30:11mizlily said:

    @Kirn The thing about US education is that you don't have to get good grades, you just need to maintain the minimal of 2.5/4.00 GPA to get 11k each semester.

    Talk about pocket change, I don't even think retirees get that much from social security.

  5. #1078932016-11-04 18:52:01Kirn said:

    @Lieutenant no, no CGPA/GPA here. In universities here we pretty much use ABCDEF grades, and also point system. Like, you can get max of 100 points per subject. And scoring 90-100 points counts as A. If you pass all your classes without fails, you get some moneys. But if you got straight As, on all subjects, you are eligible for increased stipend. Though, I think it's not too much better than the regular one. Anyways, I don't know much about that all, really, because I never was part of the stipend thingy in the first place.