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Parent: TheColorless Discussion #3: The flaws in your education system

  1. #1078172016-11-02 07:29:56 *--Jack-- said:

    So here in the US, education is stable, but very hollow and greed-oriented. We have all the basic and extended courses that are used for employment...and test taking. Even though I graduated High-school ('secondary school' for some), I still hear about them changing the base program kids get shoved into every couple years. Usually its worse. Common Core is the new program kids use, where things apparently are made more complex than they need to be.

    Also you know about cursive writing right? Yeah I don't use it. No one I know under the age of 30 uses it for anything other than writing their name. They taught it to us once in like 3rd grade, and had us use it for about 2-3 more years, then it literally never came up again. Also the lattice method of multiplication with numbers larger than 20. Its this odd method of drawing a grid and doing operations along a diagonal line in the grid. The point is that the american school system seems to be a cycle of "lets guess what works". The same could be said about a lot of schools in the world I suppose...but here on top of that we also:

    • Under-fund schooling systems because apparently dumb kids are worth having more military spending power.

    • Under-pay teachers. You hear about the respect and pay that teachers and instructors receive in many countries, not here. The average Teacher salary here is about $56,000 annually. Fast Food workers make about $15 - 20,000 per year. That being said, teaching is a good paying job in the US compared to a variety of other countries.

    • We teach to the test, meaning most instructors, regardless of their opinion, have a curriculum that's basically just hammering random facts into the minds of students. It doesn't bother to engage them, or get them interested. It's simply trying a shotgun approach to see if the school can stay afloat with funding based on academic test scores.

    • I'm in college now, and until I'd enrolled, not a single course had taught me about the basics of financial stability and industry networking. Nothing about taxes either, or other things you are expected to know in life, such as insurance, how to write a resume, technical writing skills, and why you should put tape over your webcams.

    • Privatized College Textbook companies. Or should I say company. There's like 1 & 1/2 companies making textbooks I think. It sure seems like it anyway. They are all genuinely evil, even going to the point of reversing some chapters orders so the books aren't compatible with the class they are made for. "Sorry, the 5th edition has 3 sections of problems that are on a different page in the 4th edition. Guess you'll be spending 350$..." When an escort at a sleazy hotel is cheaper than a business book, there is something wrong.

  2. #1078242016-11-02 15:04:19BakaHime said:

    Good thing most teachers here make cursive writing mandatory when it comes to essays and the like. I use cursive for practically everything and now my penmanship is permanently and utterly illegible. It comes in handy when you don't actually know the spelling of the answer in a test and can only vaguely remember it. Since you're using cursive you can just mess it up a bit and make it look like it's the right answer :D

  3. #1078312016-11-02 21:02:35Yugure said:

    Same with the cursive issue Baka wrote, but at least I have a good penmanship, unlike hers.

    But yeah, even if my cursive is good, I still prefer the not cursive one, albeit all letters are in cute and capital forms. I don't know why I switched, but simply because it's appealing to me.