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Parent: TheColorless Discussion #3: The flaws in your education system

  1. #1078342016-11-02 22:27:26 *Yugure said:

    For a foreigner studying in Alberta, Canada, I can say that the education they provide here is top-notch. As long as students obey the basic and mandatory rules, like respecting others, no racism, no bullying, etc., they are free.

    I'm not sure if the schools located in this province has the same policy as my school. All I know is that, my school takes pride in giving students freedom. Like:

    • Every year, before the school ends, students are free to pick their own classes they want to attend the following year, and organize their timetable to their liking. Of course, all students have to take Math, Social Studies, English, and one of the branches of Science. They can pick a minimum of 2 extra-curricular activities and a maximum of 5. Or if they want to, they can have a part-time job, which is a plus on the resume.

    • You are free to attend the classes you feel, and go absent when you feel like it. But students are responsible for coping up.

    • Flex times (or lunch time) can be used to do homework, attend classes when they are behind, visit the town's fast food to grab lunch, play sports, or body build in the gym. Or just sit back, relax, and lounge.

    • Gadgets are allowed during flex times. Some teachers will allow it on class, but not all.

    • And others that I can't remember.

    Even so, this is just a minority. I cannot voice my opinion on Canada's education system as a whole, because, well, there are 10 provinces, and each have different economy and such. They have a good educational system, that's for sure. I might be wrong.

    But if I were asked - Philippines' educational system, or Canada's? I'd go with Canada, not because I'm a traitor, but because I feel I'm learning a lot. And I really, really, really hate admitting that.

    (I'll be honest though, I don't like moving from one class to another. I just want a permanent class with the permanent people in it, something the PH has. And I miss it ;____;)

    I'll leave the educational system of the Philippines to one of the peepz...