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Parent: TheColorless Discussion #3: The flaws in your education system

  1. #1078502016-11-03 02:44:25Lieutenant said:

    I should probably type something about my country's education.

    Well, they were probably good at some point. There were at one time where the syllabus keeps changing between Bahasa Malaysia (BM) and English Language, and students were fed up because it's them who wants to study, not the ministry.

    Populations here often worries about the lack of the 'usage' or glorifying the native language because we're a lot of culture so there were a lot of language here and there being used, Chinese, English, Indian, etc. The effect in the job industry is that a lot of fresh graduates (especially the Malays) are unable to get a job because the lack of proficiency in English (42%) and Chinese language (27%), and it's funny because it's the economy right now, Chinese are invading, they are the 2nd largest population in Malaysia, with only 50% of Malay ethnics in their own population right now, means that there are only about 15 million of Malays out of 30 million of the Malaysian population. It's not a requirement for us to know Chinese but a bonus to go further and it always felt like a discrimination because it's only an option to learn Chinese language as a 3rd language in university. For English somehow there shouldn't be an excuse because we learn that since we were in Kindergarten so we pretty much learn English the alongside BM in our lifetime. There are more than 300,000 fresh graduates here that are unable to get jobs. And our Deputy Prime Minister has stressed out his disappointment in Malays that can't speak BM, yeah we have that kinda population here too. Then there are foreign workers that can work here for 2 years and already able to converse in BM. So yeah this section is just the language barrier between us. But why does that happen? Perhaps it was the separation of race in school, we have this SK (Sekolah Kebangsaan) and SJK (Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan) where students are either all mixed in one school or they go to different school where there're just Chinese and/or Indian. I personally dislike the idea of the separation because it'll lessen the bond between races from when we're little and it's not a good idea to develop 'racism' in kids, though I believe they don't teach them that in school, hopefully ) It's a pity that our language used to be the lingua franca because we were the best port for traders back in the 14-15th Century.

    Secondly, the music and cursive writing that we learn in primary school stays there. As in we never learn it again after that. I suppose unless if you go to music course or academy later on in university or anything, then yeah.

    There are also things where the rate of women gets into university is a lot more higher than men, but most who gets jobs are men rather than women, it's because women here usually are more committed to do housework than men, it's like a common mentality or something, in some cases, bosses don't like married women as their employees because of those responsibility, that they'd tend to put aside work, maybe, I wouldn't know.

    Also, art in Malaysia. Well I'd like to think that it's rather developing but if we were to follow the elders' mentality, art is nothing here. It doesn't make you good money and you're better off working outside the country rather than here. Science and Math are more, well, accepted, because, yeah.

    That'll probably what I'll put here for now, if I remember something else, I'll get back here.