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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1079002016-11-04 20:47:41Kirn said:

    Army of One (2016)

    God fucking damnit, it's Nicolas Cage playing a crazy guy. Already makes it a worthy movie to watch.
    Okay, seriously now. I actually want to make connection between this story and the story of a 'Hunting Party' movie, which I listed in the first post of this thread. Both movies are about looking for dangerous people at weird territory, and both movie were adapted from magazine articles.
    That's where similarities end, because this one is about a... well, a mad person. Not saying it in a bad way, but perhaps you have a person you know, who kinda lives in his own world and rarely shuts up? Yeah, this movie is about the guy like that. The difference is, that guy actually acted on what he was saying - he went to Pakistan to... no, he fucking routinely went to Pakistan to hunt for Bin Laden. Fuck, he will go there again using money he got from this fucking movie!
    So, how true? Well, it is an actual guy, who actually went to Pakistan to hunt for Bin Laden, and he does have a bad kidney and he is apparently batshit crazy. So yeah, that checks out. Rest of it is just Nic Cage being Nic Cage, which is perfect for this role. I will link you here the article that the movie was adapted from. It's a fun read.