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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1079822016-11-11 20:44:52Kirn said:

    I have been neglecting this thread, even though I have been quite busy with games. So, let me describe one I am playing now.

    This technically is a horror game, but... No, wait let me start with the story. In this game you play as a Norwegian single mother, whose son was stolen from her. Following the kidnapper, she finds herself in a place, where no humans from our world should not go. Ever. Old and forgotten place, full of dark and evil things.

    Now, as I understand it, this game is pretty much kickstarter-backed indie game. So it does not look as well as some other games of the genre, but still, it does not look bad. The most endearing part of the game is, of course, the scenery - it's not called 'Through The Woods' for nothing, you know. During the game, you will go through some areas of the wilderness that look pretty damn creepy even without monsters lurking through them.
    Oh, and monsters do lurk. The whole game is based on the Norse mythology, which is something I am actually a fan of, so you get quite a few Norse tales come alive and jump at you. It actually reminded me of the 'Troll Hunter' movie at some points.

    Story is also quite interesting. Well, the main story is pretty straightforward - mother trying to find her son. But along the way you get to know both minor stories of the place you got into, and the main story of how it all came to be, and how things happened the way they happened. And it's pretty damn clever and, as I mentioned, heavily tied to the old Norse stories.
    Well, saying all that, there are bad sides to the game as well. First of all - it being indie game, I think it wasn't tested too well. So, I had the character stuck in some textures quite a few times, and at times it is quite annoying. Nothing game-breaking, but still. Another thing I can say... game is not exactly a horror. So if you would want to pick it for horror elements, like jump scares and such - you will mostly be surprised. The game is very grim and dark and it will try to scare you, but not by the usual means, but by more, so to say, emotional devices. It is creepy, I will give it that - if you really think about the whole story, so it got that going for it.

    So, I would actually recommend this game not for fans of horror genre per se, but for those looking for a very dark gaming experience. The world of the game certainly gives you that. Also, it is a clever re-imagining of Norse mythos, which I personally enjoyed. All in all - not grand game, but certainly something worth mentioning.