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Parent: [Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #1080912016-11-17 10:05:30 *Lieutenant said:

    Oh thank you Captain Obvious. How could I have known without you.

    I'm pretty sure he doesn't care. Not sure how is it not obvious that it's his purpose anyway. It's Kirn. We all know he shits on people in public.

    So, you know, you can flag the post )) don't know what bias are you talking about. Flagging notifies the staff faster than shitposting if you so worry about shit about to get down.

    Oh wait

    What would be likely to cause that is to comment on his actual message to Momi which I don't care about.

    You don't care, right.

    P.S: in case you're not clear about it, the flag button is open.

    End of story. Have fun!