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  1. The CL Short Story Anthology: Vol.6: Download and Feedback Thread

    #1081532016-11-23 04:25:32--Jack-- said:

    This thread is a follow up to:

    For full project details please refer to those threads.

    Here's the Sixth Writing Project Anthology for you to read!

    While DC has both experience and tools to make multiple file formats, I'm afraid I'm only capable of PDF file formats. Hopefully this isn't too much of an annoyance.

    The Colorless Short Story Anthology Vol.6 - Love & War Edition.pdf

    File Hosted on

    The following users participated in this project (Listed Alphabetically):

    Although only six ended up joining in, its thanks to them that we have a sixth anthology to read! For those of you who joined for the first time, please do consider participating in the future!

    Be sure to leave feedback in the comments, and try to do so with respect and without flaming one another.

  2. #1081622016-11-23 17:01:11Kirn said:

    Finally! You should sticky this up on frontpage instead of previous one now. But yeah, well done with completing this thing.

    I guess I will take time to read this on upcoming weekend and see about posting some proper feedback.

  3. #1081922016-11-26 09:15:12Kirn said:

    Okay, red through it.

    Gotta say right away - I cannot say that any story is particularly good. Each suffers from something or other, none can boast really good English... stuff like that. Still, it was good enough effort, because theme wasn't something that is easily done.

    Now, I will not single out anyone in particular here. Though, believe me, I can bash anyone's story in great detail, including my own. Pretty much we failed it all - relevance to the theme, readability, proper sentence structure, story logic... Some things more than others in different cases, obviously.

    What is good to see is that every story feels serious enough. Like, none of this was made for shits and giggles, so that's good. Well, Loki wasn't participating this time, so yeah. Probably CQKumber's story was the most funny and least serious, made me chuckle at least.

    Another interesting thing - a lot of 'heavy' themes. We have bisexuals, necrophiliacs and nazis. That's not bad score for number of controversial topics in one book.

    So yeah, we all failed - stories are bad, compilation took too long. But hey, points for effort, and it's good to see CL project brought to completion these days.