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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1081652016-11-23 19:21:55 *Kirn said:

    War Dogs (2016)

    Okay, you will expect a really silly movie based on the trailer and the fact that it's from Hangover trilogy maker, right? Well, it is kinda damn fucking silly. And it is in fact based on a very true story. Well, you know how that young fuck made this silly thingy, which you all use now, called Facebook? Yeah, kinda that kind of story.
    At the end of the movie, in credits, they specifically claim, that the movie is based on the Rolling Stone magazine article, so here it is. And let me tell you right away what is bullshit in the movie. Pretty much, all shooting and gun-pointing is bullshit, added just to get some actual action in there. Main character's struggle with his wife? No fucking idea, probably also movie dramatization to get all you family demographics our there.
    What is real? Fucking hell, the fact that 2 20-something stoners landed major arms contract and became main arms merchants for Afghanistan deal organized under Bush administration. That alone is just as fucking silly as it sounds. The general story is true - two old friends meet, do business, work small deals, work their way up, land huge fucking deal, fuck about with Chinese ammo in fucking Albania. Yes, as silly as it sounds. The experiences arms dealer, played by Bradley Cooper in the movie, yeah, he based on a real person, and some of his deal details are represented fairly correctly in the film. Eventual falling out and final charges? Yes, true.

    This movie is made to be silly and presentable in Hollywood sort of way, but it does tell about something that is essentially exactly as silly and strange and kind of amazing, really. It's good fun, and it's fun to know that it actually happened.