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  1. Colourless Christmas Carol Covers C.D. [CCCC...C.D.]

    #1083252016-12-10 13:28:09 *EvoRulz said:

    Heya Colourless~! So for a Christmas project I propose that anyone wanting to do chorus related creations who may find a time that suits them to record any cover of any Christmas carol -or even their own original Christmas composition- should submit their own mini projects here, as we would in the CL Song Covers Thread. The final product being a C.D. that can be downloaded and put into itunes ^^ or whatever you like, maybe even burned to a propper disk? Another welcomed idea is designs for this album art~! So calling on artists as well ^^ there may not be any badges, but OneDollar has offered to make a christmas project badge and depending on your responses I'll make a final decision on the matter.

  2. #1084232016-12-19 09:49:10EvoRulz said:

    by majority vote so far theres no point having a christmas badge so put your stockings out for rabu on christmas eve ^_^

    regardless, anyone who has christmas carol covers to share please do~! mine should be before christmas but probably last second

  3. #1084982016-12-24 10:05:22EvoRulz said:

    Welp it was 36 degrees C and im tired af so it's not happening, besides noone else has posted and stuffs but i'll leave this thread here for the poll results and possibly try it again next year :)