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Parent: Colorless Youtube Whoring Thread

  1. #1083312016-12-10 16:21:45Kirn said:

    @DarkChaplain, we had our good times, we had our bad times. But even after leaving, you helped me out by making this thread. Because I am about to present CL with my own Youtube channel. Yes, I am finally reaching out to all the people out there.

    Kirn's Youtube channel!

    So, what's in there? Well, among the AMVs that I made, I am now making gaming videos. You know, Let's Plays. While commenting on what the fuck is happening. So, if you are interested in some games and can't/won't play them yourself - you might find something on there.

    Games I already did (links lead to part 1 of each letsplay):
    Saw: The Videogame
    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst
    Through The Woods
    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    Now, quality is really fucking far from perfect yet. But I am getting there. And today I got me a new good microphone, AND I started recording a horror game... So yeah, stay tuned, this is gonna be a lot of fun.

    That's about it. How do they say on youtube? Subscribe, like, or don't like, comment, tell your friends, make your pets subscribe, whatever it fucking takes.

  2. #1083422016-12-12 01:19:05Rebel said:

    Sub.. aint really got time to watch all those past videos.. but if your new vids show up in notifications, I'll watch it