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  1. Well hello tch...

    #1084752016-12-23 12:54:55 *xreaderxgamerx said:

    Tch this is troublesome but I'm going to introduced you all

    .... "I'm XreaderXgamerX you can all call me gamma well that's not my real name i live in the continent of asia I'm an teenager also I came here this site to do some fun well i like to meet people tch well all of you nice to meet you also i like anime and manga also desserts like parfait and puff cream also with ice cream and marshmallows well nice to meet you all Tch!"

    Well i'm done thank you for hearing my intro and nice to meet you all...

  2. #1084762016-12-23 13:35:03 *Cloud-VK said:

    Hi there~ Welcome to the colorless~

    Just letting you know, their gonna lock your thread, and refer ya to the one at the top of the page~

    The new user thread? Yeah, its kinda the spot you should do this kinda thing. Keeps the site clean.

  3. #1084812016-12-23 16:49:10Kirn said:


    Already bad.

    you can all call me gamma

    Any real reason to?

    that's not my real name

    Oh my god, you don't say?!

    I'm an teenager

    That I can clearly see.

    to do some fun

    Doing some reading first would have been nice.

    nice to meet you all