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  1. Winter 2017 Anime Chart

    #1084912016-12-24 03:14:00 *Yugure said:

    You know the drill - New Year, new season, new animes to watch!

    Most will start approximately 2 weeks from now, so GET YO HYPE UP!!

    Feel free to discuss the animes you look forward to watch in 2017!



  2. #1084922016-12-24 06:16:05Bavalt said:

    Only a couple titles I'm very interested in the winter season, which is good, since I have a lot to catch up on from fall and summer. Definitely gonna be continuing Rakugo and Konosuba, though, and Chaos;Child has that telltale 5pb semicolon, so that'll merit a look too. March Comes in Like a Lion being a two-cour is also good news.

  3. #1085392016-12-28 21:29:16 *Taro_Tanako said:

    If I get the time I'll probs watch:-

    • Ao No Exorcist - obvs
    • Konosuba - S1 was pretty funny, esp that thing with continually blowing up the dullahans castle
    • Chaos;Child - cos semicolons just scream at you yeh (and I did enjoy Occultic;Nine)

    Dunno about the rest..should catch up on March Comes In Like A Lion

  4. #1085812016-12-29 23:34:32 *Enami said:

    Oh not much I'm interested in whew ._.

    Well stuff like Gintama and Ao no exorcist are obvious picks.

    Hmm among the new shows, there's Kuzu no honkai, the seinen tag is intriguing.

    Aaand yeah that's pretty much it, Chaos;Child's plot tells me I'd be interested yet the art tells me it's not for me. We'll see.