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  1. Goodbye 2016

    #1085332016-12-28 14:22:56Lieutenant said:


    So what's the best way of saying good bye to this horrendous year?

    Here's where you may post your summary or/and rants of 2016 and new year resolutions. You may also want to do a shout out to anyone just for the heck of it.

    I personally think this year has been such a drama not to just me but to most of us here. It would be interesting to see what you guys have to say about it.


    I'm more or less a bit hopeful (or not?) about 2017 yes, though the world do work in mysterious ways.

  2. #1085372016-12-28 18:50:36 *Yugure said:

    I'm actually glad I'm greeting the New Years at my own house.

    Meanwhile, last year I was forced to celebrate it in a secluded house in the middle of nowhere :<

  3. #1085402016-12-28 22:06:03Kirn said:

    A fuckton of really impactful people died this year. And it's not even 31st. Still, for me this one was alright.

  4. #1085512016-12-29 07:26:08 *ybz17 said:

    Honestly, 2016 can suck my ass.

    It wasn't just for me, but my group of friends as well, co-workers, family, etc. A lot of them agrees with me wholeheartedly when I say that this year has been the most challenging in general. So much bullshit has been thrown my way. Breakups, Friendship breakups, family problems, career problems, financial problems, they all came crashing this year. Not to mention the election and the results???

    I have lower expectations for 2017. Maybe then, I wont be disappointed. And if more bullshit comes, then at least I already expected it.

    EDIT: but on a more positive note, As much as this year has thrown the biggest shade in my life, I've met and gotten closer to people I know will stick with me in the future. People I know I wanna keep for life. The people who stuck with me during all those bullshit ass times. That's a good thing I guess.

  5. #1085562016-12-29 13:15:09 *shafnat said:

    Ah what a nice thread to let go of 2016 stresses. I know i sound gay but i feel im gonna be emotional for this.

    Well, 2016. you were my hardest enemy but you were also my mental trainer. you were also a new door to happiness.

    2016, You have my close friend ended his life. You witnessed the unexpected divorce of my parents, counting how much my mom's tears. You also saw what things were happened in my love life, while i didn't even know a thing except the moment she texted to break up from far away there. i cant even mention sad things no more that you've watched, 2016. You are the year that hold most of my sadness in my whole life. The biggest drama in my life.

    But, thanks. I've learned much thing from you. There's no such perfectly happy life. You gave me a lot of people that rant to me, letting me know that my life isn't the worst. You gave me such events, telling me that life isn't flat, life isn't boring. You made me stronger on each event you gave me, 2016.

    ..... WELL HAHA CUT THAT RIGHT THERE, Thank you for everything you gave me at the end, 2016 :D i don't know what is this, is this a reward? why did you lead me to go back to this site? i don't know. maybe (i'm sure of it) some people don't like if i go back here, but for me, this is such a big bowl that contains all 2016 happiness which i never knew it existed.

    I'm sorry if i'm annoying to mention you and who arent mentioned but CL, especially @BakaHime @Zyxx23 @Kuroba_Loki @Cyth @Evorulz @Terra_Nova @Lieutenant @Niyoshi @Deftones @EvoRulz @Sheep @Enami @Yugure @PureBoredom @S9 @Tanabe @Farris and even my english teacher who always "correct my mistakes" @Spice and all your alts, Thank you so much! To get to know you all is a big happiness for me in 2016. I really hope i could get along really well with you all for 2017 and thereafter and 2017 could be a far more better year than the past years.


    you could guess whos who before knowing the truth: i'm sorry for the mistake of appearance or even gender, it's all just my imagination of you guys. from left, it supposed to be yugu, loki covering his face, pure trying to cosplay izaya, lieutenant behind, baka in front of lieut, tana in front of baka, sine next to tana, farris behind sine, myself behind farris, zyx next to me, deft tryna be a mannequin, sheep pushing ena tryna hug shep, terra in the back, niyo with "TRAP" tee, cyth in front of niyo, evo at the most right and spice in front of evo

    Once again, thanks 2016, goodbye. :'D

  6. #1085652016-12-29 19:51:27 *Enami said:

    Aw thank you for including me! C: That's sadly an accurate representation except for the missing glasses part, also love how sine was drawn.

  7. #1085592016-12-29 18:23:57naidraug said:

    2016 was spent trying to keep the boat afloat. I can't count the number of times we were nearly homeless despite working three part time jobs. We had happy times, but I'm definitely older inside than before. I finally found a job where I use my degrees that will be steady enough to consistently pay the bills for most of next year (march-nov) after well over a hundred applications and cover letters. 2016 taught me that how effective public assistance in the US varies A LOT by who your case worker is and where you live, and people assume it's easy, and fast, when it is not. Our family really came together and no one was selfish, otherwise this year would have destroyed us. We were happy without buying stuff, we made and grew things, and it was both satisfying and essential. Oh and my country elected Dudley Dursley president. So there's that.

  8. #1085662016-12-29 20:04:29 *Enami said:

    2016 was a very challenging year where I had to come to terms with a lot of things. It was not the most pleasant or fun year for me but I think that everything I've been through has been worth it as I noticed some slight personal growth. No single thing has gotten better, maybe it's the opposite but I needed those opportunities to mature a bit no matter how insignificant the growth was.

    I also petted a kitten for the first time ever so it's good.

  9. #1085932016-12-30 20:06:22 *awkwardangels said:

    Oh wow hey, first post in forever and I can fully say 2016 sucked harder than ever. Mostly for personal reasons for me, like getting kicked out of my house and Trump winning making me stressed out about my future as I'll have no Healthcare next year and I really need it ahaha......

    I don't think 2017 will be better, but hey I can have some hope right?

  10. #1085942016-12-30 21:55:57Taro_Tanako said:

    Well, 2016 has been equal parts exciting, exhilarating, depressing, and terrifying. Some days it felt like the world was fucked, but then friends and people put things in perspective and you realise that whatever happens there's always something to look forward to or some way to survive.

    2016 can still go away though and bring it on 2017...I'm ready for you!

  11. #1085952016-12-30 22:44:08MasamuneTakano said:

    I'd say my 2016 had a pretty good ending. During the earlier months, I dropped out of school due to laziness. Been a bum at home for quiet a while haha, still.. it's good since I discovered CL and met a lot of cool people. I went back to studying now. Life's good. Imma say worth.

  12. #1085972016-12-30 23:02:02Kuroba_Loki said:

    2016..... filled with ojt's

    too much pressure, as well as too much relaxation was done

    Well in the end

    I'm gonna graduate

    so it's all good...

  13. #1086082016-12-31 05:54:03Deftones said:

    2016 was alright, lost my girlfriend, got into debt, lost my old job, diagnosed with bipolar. It's been pretty chill, got a new job, low paying but it's alright, and on some pretty good meds, life is good ahahaha

  14. #1086092016-12-31 06:51:28 *ybz17 said:

    My friend and I were trying to end this year nicely, so we tried driving up a mountain to see city lights, but when we got to the spot, it was foggy as fuck and you couldn't see a thing and it was pitch black. We've been there plenty of times and we've never seen it that foggy. smh. So we decided to get milk tea instead, and right when we sat inside my car, my cup holder couldnt handle the weight of the drink, and pretty much fell and broke and spilled tea into my flooring mats.

    Thanks 2016. Yous a literal bitch.

  15. #1086122016-12-31 10:10:44mizlily said:

    I'm going to better myself starting on January (not really). Lucky for me, I have most of the things on this list knocked out. http://www.addspacetoyourlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2004/12/NewYearsResolutions.jpeg