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Parent: Famous People Deaths

  1. #1086222017-01-01 10:19:02Kirn said:

    Well, the year has passed, and let me say - god fucking damnit, this was one nasty year for famous and impactful people! I mean, let's face it, this very thread was made in early 2016, when I suddenly felt like we might actually need it. And damn, I had no idea. From January when we lost Bowie and Rickman, which clearly stated what kind of year that would be, to Carrie Fisher and her mother just a single day apart this very December.

    Sadly, all of you survived, I guess, so here, have a memorium compilation.

  2. #1095552017-03-16 20:06:18Lycaste said:

    =( May the Force be with you, my Princess. My Senator. Hero of the Rebellion and Legend of the Resistance. My General Organa.