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  1. Chat doesn't work?

    #1088062017-01-17 00:08:04 *usuka said:

    Sorry if this doesn't go here? But for whatever the reason the chat isn't working for me. All I get is a blank page with the usual message box near the top of the screen.

    Edit ; I can see my own messages, but nobody elses? Is this a case of the chat being dead, or.

  2. #1088072017-01-17 01:35:27 *Yugure said:

    Chat has Disney Death - dead, but not quite dead. Most of the time.

    Rather than just saying One Liners, why not greet, and start a conversation.

    And if it's really dead, then just come back later.

  3. #1088202017-01-17 21:49:58--Jack-- said:


    Chat can be pretty inactive at times, since there are so few regulars on CL. Many people often join chat and do something else, like play games or are on CL with a mobile device at their work. Also if you don't see any messages when you join don't worry, chat doesn't save messages from before you joined to display to you.

    Since this thread is kind of explained, I'll be locking it. If you have any other questions feel free to Private message me or another member of CL staff and we can help out!