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  1. Moving to South Korea

    #1090042017-01-31 19:34:41 *Dio said:

    So Because of my job I will be moving to Chinhae , South Korea. I would just like to know what there is to do there, If anyone has been there please let me know, Thank you. :)

  2. #1090072017-01-31 22:49:03piggu said:
    1. u maek da monies. they callem won, bcus u won em.

    2. u maek da pussi wet. grab em by bussi, u need 2say oppa gangnam style or dey call military bolice

    3. u maek da body stronk. go tie a tracktor wheel aroundz ur waste wiff roep n' run across biieech like retard chinaes gung ku mayne actorrr. u bekum de next toni "where-my-elephant-madafaka" jaa ok?

      sidenote: in 2 montes witf ani luck and bigg gochu + ballss, u obtaining abs like old skuool washbored. dey callit washbored cuz dey were bored when wash chlothingz. nao b/c geniuos an' da gloriousu LG n samasungu, we can let fat yet sexy plastimetal box wash da cholthingz. okk?

    4. u don svendz ur monies (WON) wiff da gook fashukn. it's like textile robbery. fuuak dat. shitttl'''e goo ouuut of style in 2 days. invest ur tiem in lattenite drink binge b/c every1 in korea is basuically an alcohollicc

    5. befren asshoe rich yung corporate chaebol get-out-of-active-ddooody mista fancy pantsu. gibe a gooda sukka dick. dick = gochu. gochu also = pee-mang, but pee-mang =/= DIC cus korea specificcc oriental RAgu-age

      oki doki arty choki?


  3. #1092452017-02-23 06:22:49Koushiro said:

    visit me i am in HOngdae but now im in a housing in seoul. if you happen to visit korea university send me a message here. :3

    i'll treat you to my favorite patbingsoo shop :D

  4. #1096042017-03-19 09:48:02Xyopq said:

    I haven't, but S Korea has some of the fastest internet in the world, the best webcomics, Taekwondo and Gangnam Style - so I would obviously love it there

  5. #1096272017-03-21 04:41:10izzaink said:

    I dont know much about South Korea but two Youtubers I follow lived in South Korea for 8 years and have videos about life there. they cover everything from how to use a washer to where to go to eat