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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1090282017-02-03 19:20:15Kirn said:

    This is King's Quest. From Sierra. If you aren't having immediate hardon while hearing this, you don't know nothing about the olde quest games. But yeah, for those who need history reference - at one time the quest games market was pretty much just Sierra quest games. I mean, it literally felt like there was nothing else. Space Quest, Hero's Quest, Police Quest.... Leisure Suit Larry adventures, for fuck's sake! And, of course, King's Quest series. Damn, they pretty much invented the adventure game genre back in the day, and you know all those pixelated indie quest games that often come out recently? They all play that Sierra nostalgia card.

    So, years and years after all that pixelated goodness, Sierra decided to release another King's Quest title, making it a sort of addition to the franchise and reimagining of it. Modern graphics, obligatory choices, less difficulty (seriously, quest back in the day were super-hard), and game itself separated into 5 episodes. Well, I have waited till all episodes were out, and I got through all of it now.

    Gameplay is what you would expect. You walk around, talk to people, gather items and use them in clever (or silly) ways with other items. Also, your hero - Graham - is a decent archer, so at times game would offer you a chance to shoot a bow. And the game is actually full of puzzles. I mean, actual puzzles, like you would find in puzzle games, from sliding blocks puzzle to Sudoku. Those aren't difficult, and they provide interesting distraction from the usual adventuring routine. Though, I gotta say, 4th episode had a bit too many puzzles, almost all of them being variation of the same puzzle.

    But of course, the most important part of the adventure game is the story. And the story here is extremely damn good. Actually, the game IS the story. You see, old King Graham (voiced by Christopher Lloyd btw) is telling the stories of his adventures to Gwendolyn, his granddaughter. Each episode is one story, and each story, in addition to being extremely entertaining, is also teaching some important lessons about love, family and adventuring. And also dragons. Because what is a good story without dragons, really. This setup of the game allows for Graham to be the narrator in his own story.

    And naturally, the game itself is full of colorful characters. During your adventures, you will meet owners of the shops of the local town, who provide you with a sort of bravery/kindness/wisdom choices, a collection of knights, guards, princesses, family members and goats. There's also a villain, whose identity I should not disclose, because immediate spoilers. Actually, the villain of this game later turns out to be one of the known villains of the olde King's Quest series, pretty much providing continuity to the whole setting.

    All in all, this game is not exactly the olde style adventures we used to get from Sierra. The game is modern, it plays so, and it looks so. However, the atmosphere of craziness and humor and incredible adventures is still very much the same as it was many many years ago. This game made me laugh, made me think and even made me sad in a good way more than one time during the play. All in all? Awesome game with great story and remarkable characters. And now I hope that there may be continuation to it one day.

    For those who might be interested in watching the game: my King's Quest playlist.