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  1. Tree of Savior

    #1090432017-02-05 13:37:14 *Lycan said:

    Tree os Savior is a free to play mmorpg on Steam that I started playing this weekend. So far I've really enjoyed it and I want to share it. The art is pleasing, there's really cool music and the gameplay is fluid. I have a great time just going out of town to kill things. #KillingIsFun

    You start the game by selecting one out of four base classes which after 15 class levels allows you to follow one of two next-tier classes. You level up really fast, and the many choices allow you to form really unique fighters. There's a handy skill build simulator that you can use to experiment and plan your build.

  2. #1090442017-02-05 13:37:58 *Lycan said:

    We're playing on the North American server named Klaipeda.

    When you make an account, you first set a "team name" that will work like a surname to your characters, which then are givien their own names. Below I will list the team name (aka. account name) of players from CL. If we get enough people we can even make a guild!

    @Lycan is Liecan
    @Niyoshi is Niyomshi
    @PureBoredom is PureBoredom
    @Bavalt is Quarry
    @Kinnear is Canvas

  3. #1090472017-02-05 21:32:08PureBoredom said:

    Just note unless you are well experienced in these types of games or are extensively researching and planning your playthrough of ToS, your first character will usually be crappy and be a sort of guinea pig.

    Also this game is extremely grindy so beware of that.

  4. #1090712017-02-09 01:51:32Kinnear said:

    If anyone is new to the game and would like help planning their first character, or have any questions, feel free to give me (Or Bavalt) a shout.

    Also worth noting that I plan to make a guild once I get to a point where I think I know enough about the game to be able to run one, so if a CL guild is made, I likely won't be able to join. xD