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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1090852017-02-10 22:00:42Kirn said:


    Finished this one yesterday. This one is an isometric horror game, which is a pretty rare genre itself. And this particular game is created by people who did another isometric horror game Stasis. Sci-fi horror. Actually, Cayne is in the same setting, though, you don't have to know Stasis to play it (I totally forgot how Stasis went already). It is an indie game, and yes, the text on the picture is absolutely true - it's a free game, so you don't have to read me here, you can just go and get the game right now, for no money at all.


    Now, the game is pretty short. You won't spend more than 3 hours playing it, really. Though, it does have moments when you just get absolutely stuck, without any idea which item to use with which item next. Though, mostly it all is logical enough, so you don't get too stuck when you are used to the game.
    In addition to using items, you find a lot of diaries of the people who worked on the station, and in those, in addition to some very interesting reading, you would find clues to puzzles and some codes to locked doors.


    And let me tell you, the people that you read about in those diaries are a horrible bunch of individuals. No, seriously, I got more disgusted by the people who wrote that stuff, than by all the gruesome imagery, and there was plenty of that. It's like some bunch of space retard rednecks got stuck in that place, and them plotting against each other and fucking each other brought the disaster that we got stuck in.
    And speaking of. In this game we play as a very confused pregnant woman. She got drunk and accidentally pregnant, went for abortion, and suddenly woke up in this unfamiliar and scary place, being already 9 months pregnant. Not the best condition for survival, but she braves things like a champ. She also reacts to what happens with some humor, when she can, which is a nice defense mechanism I guess. All in all, she is alright character, and I did feel for her during the gameplay.


    All in all, the game is damn short, and I gotta say - it's not much of a horror, cause you get almost no jump-scares. Also, the story and the end twist are pretty predictable. But it is very atmospheric, and filled with extremely gruesome imagery and text, so you might enjoy it, if you like that sort of thing. And, again, the game is free, while being good enough to pay money for.

    And, as always, if you would be just interested in watching that - here's my playthrough.