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Parent: TheColorless Discussion #3: The flaws in your education system

  1. #1091112017-02-14 16:32:05shafnat said:

    The private schools in Indonesia is just what user mizlily said above, " it's a public school for rich kids". But when it comes to university, our perspective changes.

    The high school where i was is a private school owned by a pretty known tutoring agency in Bandung city. It was a school with no field trip, no art performing or whatever it is called like the other neighbor schools, and such things they said "getting in the way to pass the university entrance exam". Instead, we were forced to attend a must attended tutoring that is held from after school to 6 PM everyday (so basically we go home at 6 PM). We also had a try out of entrance exam a month once. Also, when it's close to the exam, we were invited to spend the night in school along with the teachers to study overnight. Why, of course to pass the public university/institute exam.

    It was a school where almost every student target themselves to pass the best public university/institute in Indonesia. I don't know about the Social classes, but since i took Science back then, all of them are targeting Bandung Institute of Technology(ITB) for engineering and science students or Universitas Indonesia(UI) for the medic thingy and the other else were just a spare options.

    Something that they made in here is really bothering me. Really really bothering me. I know i did target myself to go to ITB too back then, also UI as the second option (i should have known that UI wouldnt want them to be a "second option" so it was an instant fail for me) but the fact that our school is really forcing their student to study so hard just to get to these institute is making me question myself "what for?". ITB is ranked at 401-410 on World University Rankings 2016. I didn't mean that it was a crappy institute, it is the best in our country indeed. And i'm happy it's in my hometown too. But what? is "passing" the test to the best institute is the final target? was it only for the pride? to put "Student of chemical engineering of ITB" or "Pharmacy School of ITB" on instagram and line bio? Yes we know that when it comes to a job seeking, they are easier to get the job. But is that what are we into? is it what we really wanted back then? Theres a lot of ITB students that transfers and re do their university life in another uni because they are stressed in such a cold world of competition inside ITB itself.

    So i would conclude the thing that bothers me a lot is the PERSPECTIVE of ourselves as a student, parents, people even myself.

    We just see the name and the cover, and have no knowledge of what is inside. Eventhough i want to thank my school because at the end i can pass a public university, i also blame my school for making this competition atmosphere. I blame this school for making the students think "I am smarter than him/her, i should pass the test, i don't care if he/she pass or not, but i will always be above him/her" and just that. We envy them who get there without knowing are they having a bad time or not, and at the end we got mad to them who given up and re-do their university life in the other place. Why was it? Because we were made just to think we can pass the entrance exam! not how we live as the student in it!

    Now let's take a look at the other universities out there. I've asked a lot of my friends who got into a private uni (which is not provided by the government), i could see they talk more flexible, more up-to-date than us who is in public school. Of course i asked them who are serious on studying them, not those "as long as i got the degree" guys. Indeed, public teacher universities has a lot more experienced professors, but private universities also has a lot of up-to-date professors that keep catching up with modern technologies and things. The atmosphere of most private uni also looks more like "two way education" where the lecturer and the students are discussing for the best results instead of what happened in a lot of public uni that is really strict on using the old method of the experienced lecturer that we should follow. There's no proof that we as a public uni students are better than them in private uni. So back to the perspective, why?

    Why are students competing to get into the best public uni instead of the best in their way?

    Why are parents boast their children who get into best public uni instead of building up their goal wherever they are in?

    Why people look a public uni student "they are great" instead of looking at their life inside about are they having a good grades there, enjoying their uni live, progressing to be a useful person or not?

    This writing wouldn't change anything, any perspective of people. It's just something i want to vent everytime i hear people compare a public uni to private uni as if private uni are just the "throw out" of them who doesn't get into the public uni eventhough i'm a student of a public uni.