"I used to have a life before The Colorless"

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  1. What Brought You to Colorless?

    #1091812017-02-18 21:00:48Grinners said:

    Hey Colorless,

    I've always been interested in knowing how many of the Colorless users found this site, and what made them stay. This is a thread just for those kind of stories, and reminisce on some memories. Feel free to post your stories below. (・ω<)☆

    My story:

    Basically I joined this site under a different name [Trebleclef or something like that] when my friend introduced me to it back in our twelve year of highschool. I met Wolfy, Square and Jack as well as some others. She was pretending to be a dude though, so it got weird and I stopped coming on. Two years later I rejoined as Grinners, met @Lycan and @Itsuki and and bunch of others that got me hooked on this community. Since then I have never left.



  2. #1091822017-02-19 02:28:11 *Yugure said:

    I joined 2 weeks after my [first] high school graduation and separating from my former classmates and batchmates. Those 2 weeks were good - just chilling, relaxing, doing the everyday routine. Then I got bored of doing the same thing.

    I was aware that, after graduating, it's just a matter of time for my mom to take me to Canada. So I played the waiting game.

    Curiosity led me here. It was my first time chatting over the Internet. @Cenica was the first person who guided me. I met Loki and Jack and the other fellow new guys back in that day too. Eventually I met the mods, got their rabu badges, and I became a regular member, for some reason.

    It was fun, even though I was awkward as hell back in that day. Tons of fun. Lots of screenshots. Many conversations I won't forget. Even if I did forget them, I have chat logs that highlight those times to re-read. But I'm really glad I transformed into who I am right now.

    Immigration request got rejected the first time, then was finally allowed to live in Canada, I played the waiting game for a year and 2 months, after departing from my peers. Sadly, during that year, a lot of the users I know left, like Cenica herself, DC, and Johan (COME BACK) and chat kinda slowed down. It didn't stopped me from visiting this site, though.

    I can't really imagine myself if I haven't discovered this place, and spent my 365+ days without going to this site. This site changed me, and I'm confident that, I changed the site as well, more or less.

    Okay, well, not that confident, but still...

  3. #1091842017-02-19 03:23:32 *Cloud-VK said:

    I was googling suicide. Cause one of my cousins had hung himself earlier that day. One of the results linked me to a suicde discussion thread on CL.

    I liked the site, decided to stay, and been here ever since.

    Yeah I know. It's kinda grim, but ya'know. That's life.

  4. #1091852017-02-19 04:18:20 *shafnat said:

    ^^ Yeah i thought that thread is so similar with this one, but whether its the same or not, i'll just bump.

    I guess i would say that i ever lived in this site twice.

    The first life i had in this site started on 2011. I was in my 2nd grade of junior high school, one day i was so bored that i started to draw a guy with an adidas tee, but holding a sword and the setting was a castle. I write "Leavin the Future" below it and save the drawing somewhere in my room. I never read a manga or watch anime, moreover to like these kind of things. But then when i was in a bookstore, i found a guide to draw manga book that made me think about making it as a comic. I tried to draw some pages, i felt like i need some opinions and critics from all around the world. Then i found this site after scrolling down google search "sharing amateur manga" i know i was suck but with some bad english and stupidity i made a thread about my own manga. . Day by day went while continuing the manga trying to apply their critiques to every next drawing i made, until i feel like some guys are really nice to me, i felt like i'm gonna draw them for a gratitude, so i drew this:


    (Click the image to go to the damn thread about it, there's also a reason why loki was drawn female LMAO)

    But then, everyone else came and want to be drawn too. The silly young shafnat just keep accepting to draw them, while leaving the manga forgotten. I can say i improve so quickly, if you look at the thread you can see it. Big thanks to them.

    And theres this user @Agitation who just made a new account named @izzaink. She's the one closest to me in CL, and we also talked to each other on the other social media. Then for some goddamn disappointing reason, we left CL on 2013.

    This second life in cl was just started last September. Being in a second year of an uni student. Broke up with girl, bored, then CL came to mind. Turning on the NSFW filter since i've already turned 18, never knew there were Artist of CL thread that contains a lot of beautiful artworks (i swear if i knew this thread earlier i would never left CL in the first place). Checking the chat, getting to know some members, and well these guys are so friendly. Now i think i could never leave CL again since living here feels more comfy than real life for now.

    I'm really grateful that life led me to this site which its people has determined most of my life. until now.

  5. #1091902017-02-19 12:18:23Bavalt said:

    @Kinnear (then Drentii) and I stumbled upon this place while the first season of Durarara!! was airing and it was something of a fan site. We thought the dynamic of the dollars seemed pretty cool, and this was a place that was trying to capture something similar. While he was more active, though, I was mostly a lurker, and I left after a month or two. He managed to convince me to return some time after he'd come back himself, and after managing to come out of my shell a bit more this time, I've since stuck around.

  6. #1091932017-02-20 02:39:37Kinnear said:

    @Bavalt and I stumbled upon this place while the first season of Durarara!! was airing and it was something of a fan site. We thought the dynamic of the dollars seemed pretty cool, and this was a place that was trying to capture something similar. While I was more active, though, Bav was mostly a lurker, and he left after a month or two whereas I stayed active for a couple years if I recall. I came back (At some point, I'm not really sure how long it's been since then at this point) and managed to convince Bav to return some time after.

  7. #1091942017-02-20 09:17:44Enami said:

    Summer boredom led me here. The site was recommended somewhere as a good anime community so I checked it out because why not, and it honestly exceeded my expectations. It's hard to come by an anime centered forum as organised as this one, it is by far the least cancerous one I know of- Or is it anymore? coughs

    Anyway, I've only been here for a short while, but I've met a lot of people that were worth getting to know even if I no longer see or actually know most of them by now. I believe ending up here taught me a lot and definitely sparked some kind of change in me so yeah will most likely stick around until this place falls apart :)

  8. #1092042017-02-20 16:06:43ccc said:

    like most others I watched Durarara ,it was being featured on Toonami(2011) and it wasn't enough so i went online to find the rest of the episodes Finished it ended up finding out that they didn't have a second season I thought it was dope that on the show that they hd a chat long as well as message board/Forum I had already been on a forum already ,but it just looked so dope that i had to find a real one Soooo days of searching i stumbled upon the Colorless,joined ,and it was settled I felt cool as fuck

  9. #1092182017-02-21 13:33:55 *Sheep said:

    The Dollars Chat led me here. I was only addicted to the fact that things like this exist. I never joined forums before due to lack of confidence and interest, so CL is actually my first lol The question, "Are there more sites similar to the dollars out there?" entered my curious mind, and so...


    ...found the CL link on yahoo answers ahem and then tried it out. Disappeared for several months though since I still had a strong attachment to the other mentioned site. I only went back because that site was dying, my first group of friends weren't coming back and, CL was somehow active.

    Few people I describe as fun and comfortable to be with is what's making me stay. Also, the possibility that a delete message button finally appearing in the private messages might happen... And I want to be here when it does cough

  10. #1092962017-02-24 09:46:14chalice said:

    I looked up: 'chat sites to make friends' or something along those lines and this popped up. I loved making online friends even though my friendships never worked out. Anyway I had recently lost my best friend to her bf, I had no one, wanted to die and my family was just completely broken at the time. I met pretty cool people on here...but we just grew apart (I still talk to some but it's not the same). I guess the reason I still come back is because I want to make a true friend? Idk.

  11. #1093392017-02-26 16:49:12izzaink said:

    I was super obsessed with Durarara through out my entire high school and was determined to join what was closest to the dollars as possible. I found this and it was fun! I was into a lot of the art threads. I met @shafnat and some other people, but I only kept in contact with Shafnat. I think i left the first time because life was super busy and Im not too good at talking online (even though I really want online friends!). Soft nut pulled me back into the community when he re-joined and im super determined to stay :D

  12. #1095432017-03-16 02:18:29Lycaste said:

    I was feeling bored and thought there should be anime/manga related forums that didn't feel so sterile and focused. Found this place. It doesn't look as active like it used to scrolling through the forum, but it seems nice.

  13. #1115642017-07-26 09:42:22MarkovAlgeroth said:

    I was lookin for memes like 6-7 years ago, which led me to CL. Then I met some British dude ( @mll ) on a thread and we messaged until the old site died of frostbite. Then I've been on and off since.