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What Brought You to Colorless?

  1. #1116082017-07-30 05:17:47Xyopq said:

    I was following The Cart Driver for a while, and during one of the Durarara!! episode reviews, it was mentioned that a friend of the site owner - Gargron was making a DRRR style chat. I joined the chat, then the website and have been here ever since.

  2. #1116422017-08-02 03:43:56 *EvoRulz said:

    @Infinite-kamisama showed me Durarara!! and then The Dollars BBS

    from there i found drrrchat.com which is now gone, from there i found an anonymous anime based Facebook group, and from THERE i found CL

    I came here because i wanted to make anon friends from all over the world, who wouldn't disappear completely if they hadn't logged in for a while (you can pm someone and they actually have to register every time they want to make a new account so most people stick to one) so all the time and effort i put into those relationships wouldn't go to waste

  3. #1116832017-08-08 08:02:46Gesuko said:

    I used to be on the site back in like 2010, but I came back with a new account 'cause the chat's good for avoiding work lol.