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Parent: What Brought You to Colorless?

  1. #1091822017-02-19 02:28:11 *Yugure said:

    I joined 2 weeks after my [first] high school graduation and separating from my former classmates and batchmates. Those 2 weeks were good - just chilling, relaxing, doing the everyday routine. Then I got bored of doing the same thing.

    I was aware that, after graduating, it's just a matter of time for my mom to take me to Canada. So I played the waiting game.

    Curiosity led me here. It was my first time chatting over the Internet. @Cenica was the first person who guided me. I met Loki and Jack and the other fellow new guys back in that day too. Eventually I met the mods, got their rabu badges, and I became a regular member, for some reason.

    It was fun, even though I was awkward as hell back in that day. Tons of fun. Lots of screenshots. Many conversations I won't forget. Even if I did forget them, I have chat logs that highlight those times to re-read. But I'm really glad I transformed into who I am right now.

    Immigration request got rejected the first time, then was finally allowed to live in Canada, I played the waiting game for a year and 2 months, after departing from my peers. Sadly, during that year, a lot of the users I know left, like Cenica herself, DC, and Johan (COME BACK) and chat kinda slowed down. It didn't stopped me from visiting this site, though.

    I can't really imagine myself if I haven't discovered this place, and spent my 365+ days without going to this site. This site changed me, and I'm confident that, I changed the site as well, more or less.

    Okay, well, not that confident, but still...