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Parent: What Brought You to Colorless?

  1. #1091852017-02-19 04:18:20 *shafnat said:

    ^^ Yeah i thought that thread is so similar with this one, but whether its the same or not, i'll just bump.

    I guess i would say that i ever lived in this site twice.

    The first life i had in this site started on 2011. I was in my 2nd grade of junior high school, one day i was so bored that i started to draw a guy with an adidas tee, but holding a sword and the setting was a castle. I write "Leavin the Future" below it and save the drawing somewhere in my room. I never read a manga or watch anime, moreover to like these kind of things. But then when i was in a bookstore, i found a guide to draw manga book that made me think about making it as a comic. I tried to draw some pages, i felt like i need some opinions and critics from all around the world. Then i found this site after scrolling down google search "sharing amateur manga" i know i was suck but with some bad english and stupidity i made a thread about my own manga. . Day by day went while continuing the manga trying to apply their critiques to every next drawing i made, until i feel like some guys are really nice to me, i felt like i'm gonna draw them for a gratitude, so i drew this:

    (Click the image to go to the damn thread about it, there's also a reason why loki was drawn female LMAO)

    But then, everyone else came and want to be drawn too. The silly young shafnat just keep accepting to draw them, while leaving the manga forgotten. I can say i improve so quickly, if you look at the thread you can see it. Big thanks to them.

    And theres this user @Agitation who just made a new account named @izzaink. She's the one closest to me in CL, and we also talked to each other on the other social media. Then for some goddamn disappointing reason, we left CL on 2013.

    This second life in cl was just started last September. Being in a second year of an uni student. Broke up with girl, bored, then CL came to mind. Turning on the NSFW filter since i've already turned 18, never knew there were Artist of CL thread that contains a lot of beautiful artworks (i swear if i knew this thread earlier i would never left CL in the first place). Checking the chat, getting to know some members, and well these guys are so friendly. Now i think i could never leave CL again since living here feels more comfy than real life for now.

    I'm really grateful that life led me to this site which its people has determined most of my life. until now.