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TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

  1. #1093362017-02-26 16:41:08izzaink said:

    Just to make sure, we're doing month themes right? so like something christmasy for dec, scary for halloween and summer-vacationy for June right?

    Also, on the other topic I would love to put something else together thats more fan-art based. I think we should keep the calendar mascot only, but I'm down to draw other stuff, a colorless-based redbubble could be fun (and it'll force me to draw more digital)

  2. #1093382017-02-26 16:43:16Lieutenant said:

    Usually that is the case yes, though I keep that open for you because I don't want to limit your options.

    Well you can go on ahead an experiment on the drawing, would be interesting to see the idea of crossover, and try to ask other's opinion.

  3. #1093682017-02-27 22:35:48Inia said:

    If you prefer traditional methods, I can write up some tips one of my professors gave me. I can also link to a tutorial to create a lightbox, for better, more even lighting when photographing art. I've used very cheap means to create one when I was in a bind, once.

    As for month themes, I'm right with Lieutenant as far as not limiting your options. It's typical to do "month themes," but something as simple as changing background colors and subtle accents can make a big change in how a piece of art is perceived. So you can do red/green or blue/white, and make something seem wintery, without making the entire theme scream "Omg Christmas!"

  4. #1093372017-02-26 16:41:24Lieutenant said:

    Okay. All months seems to be taken for now. Unless if someone backs off, then it'll vacant for anyone interested.

    Refer to this post for what you're supposed to do.

    Also if anyone else seems to be interested and want to join, you can go ahead and draw anyway, if we get more than what we targetted for, we might as well put them in, or fill them if there's an opening for you. So don't let that discourage you and go on ahead and draw!

  5. #1093402017-02-26 16:54:43 *Kirn said:

    Months got filled up pretty fast. I guess, people were really missing the project, and we didn't have many of those lately. Good luck to participants.

    Also, this should be stickied!

  6. #1093582017-02-27 13:12:49Qarr said:

    I'm actually really excited about this, I have a few ideas that I have rough sketches I sketched earlier today, but nothing too concrete yet.

    I might post the sketches sometime either in this thread or the art thread, but not until I have something worth presenting(sometime this week or the next probably). Thumbs up my guys

  7. #1093702017-02-27 22:45:25Inia said:

    Yeah, I'm sketching ideas as well. I want to get familiar with a style before I nail something down. Getting started this early is great, in case life throws stuff our way.

  8. #1093782017-02-28 01:47:55 *shafnat said:

    @Lieutenant about the font size of the date, very very very sorry i forgotten the size we've discussed! please reply this so i can correct it! but here i want to make an example so everyone will know how big the area we will have to left it plain colored for the dates.

    Here, i made this quick example. I'm using 72 as the month font size, and 12 for the days and 18 for the dates.For this i'll use Futura font.

    I'm using SEPTEMBER for example since it has the most letter than the other months. LMAO IT DOESNT MATTER

    The vertical gaps between texts are around 2 mm, and the horizontal range of each month is 2 cm. there are still a loooot of measurement errors here so as i said i made this so quick.


    So if we're using this kind of template, we will need to empty up some space from our A3 sheet roughly as big as 16 cm horizontally and 9 cm vertically.

    DONT WORRY you need not to make the dates! i will provide it. you guys just need to leave a blank plain space for it as big as mentioned.

    let me try using that size to a simple sketch of A3.

    if this is A3 sized paper, 16x9 would be as big as this


    if i put the dates in, then a plain background color


    hmm, i wonder what can i make if i locate the dates there. well i guess this could do.


    ok i wont continue it lmao it's just a sketch, it's not gonna be my month page tho i'll draw a different one.

    ey ey ey ey ey its landscape its landscape its landscape sorry i forgotten hahahahahahahaahahahah what an idiot bumhole i am

  9. #1093832017-02-28 07:26:09Lieutenant said:

    I feel like I gotta make a print to have a gist of how big it'll look like. Usually it looks small on screen but actually big in real life, so I say keep the font and template like that first. I'll see to any changes if there is any.

  10. #1093922017-02-28 23:33:07Inia said:

    Hmm, whenever we have a good template going on, will you include a space-holder square so that we don't go beyond that mark? I'm not familiar with how things were done, so I'm just mentally making notes here.

  11. #1093952017-03-01 02:42:24shafnat said:

    @Inia i'm really sorry i still need to improve my english a lot, i don't think i fully understand what did you mean D:

    from what i get, is that thing you call a space holder square is that red rectangle on the example? If i'm right, Hmm you could make that rectangle in photoshop by setting 16 cm on width and 9 cm on height in the rectangle properties tho, and you could locate it anywhere in your A3 sheet.

    Sorry if i misinterpreted your words D:

  12. #1094042017-03-01 10:45:55shafnat said:

    @Inia no, it's for real! my concept is to make the calendar looks more dynamic than putting the dates in the same location in every page, and Lieutenant agrees on that idea. So you can place it anywhere you want in your landscape A3 sheet!

    the only thing that would be same on every page is the size and the font to maintain consistency. Lt is going to test print that size of date in A3 sheet so she could look is it clear or not, so until then we'll use 16x9 cm for the size until further minor changes to this.

  13. #1094762017-03-08 01:13:57 *Cloud-VK said:

    My drawings have been trufully pretty pathetic so far.

    I got the image in my head, it's just translating onto the paper all wrong. It's cause I'm drawing on large sheets of paper, drawing large screws me up bad.

    Also, I'm going with traditional art, cause I still suck with my tablet.

  14. #1095382017-03-15 14:53:32shafnat said:

    How's it going with yours? i just finished making the background. well might add some more edit later but i guess i could leave it like this


  15. #1096752017-03-22 17:53:54 *Cloud-VK said:

    I had to get clever. Remember when I said I was having trouble with drawing on larger sheets of paper? Welp, I thought of a way to get around that~

    I took a rough sketch I was happy with, on a regular ol' piece o' paper


    Slide it into a clear page cover, and traced it with a pen.


    Which I shined light behind to project a larger version onto my big piece o' paper.

    Now it's all coming along pretty well, I got a lot more drawing to do, but I hope begin coloring soon =3

  16. #1097812017-03-28 09:27:52Inia said:

    Using a projector is actually a long-standing practice among traditional artists. You don't end up messing up your original sketch, either. If something goes wrong, you have that sketch to re-trace.

  17. #1098202017-04-01 06:53:56 *Lieutenant said:

    As you all know, here are the list of our current participant.

    So I will announce the deadline here, it will be on June 30th, 2017

    So you guys can start drawing and shit. Don't forget it's supposed to be on A3 size landscape (thats 420mmx297mm for you) on 300DPI at least. If you refer to this post as an example, you should also leave some blank space on the right or left for the dates and months to go on. Like I said, it's landscape, not portrait.

    Go on, get drawing, guys. All the best.

  18. #1104292017-05-09 09:47:21Rebel said:

    I really want to do this but my poor person tablet has met it's demise, I'll need to get a new one or take a step back to the dark ages and use the unreliable (yet reliable) computer mouse... so I'm still up for this, just the quality wouldn't be that of best work that I would normally contribute... @Lieutenant

  19. #1106322017-05-20 22:47:12Inia said:

    @Rebel: You can do a traditional drawing with colors, then either scan it or take a good photo. I can offer some tips on how to get good, even lighting if you can't scan it. Anything from creating a poor man's light box to white sheets of paper to help bounce sunlight. Once, I made a lightbox from a small pizza box, and set up 2 lamps for lighting, then just edited the white balance in Photoshop. That's the Photoshopping I think Lieutenant was talking about.

  20. #1099812017-04-10 03:54:52Kirn said:

    @--Jack-- this should be stickied already. Firstly, to show people that we do have long ongoing projects.... and second to constantly remind them of that, as some apparently are able to 'forget' they even sign up for a project nowadays. I mean, what fuck kind of a excuse is that? Anyways, gotta nail it up on top of the page, really.

  21. #1100722017-04-14 06:54:02 *Lieutenant said:


    Some quick sketch of Server-tan. Still haven't decided how to design her dress yet. Obviously you can see I'm going for something flowy so.

    Also I will so struggle with what to do with the background later..

  22. #1105022017-05-12 07:18:31Inia said:

    I think she needs more hair swooshing. Like down to her calves. In fact, make it cover most of her dress. snickers

    In all seriousness, looking great so far.

  23. #1104242017-05-09 01:58:11shafnat said:


    tho i haven't made any progress too :(

  24. #1105032017-05-12 07:26:38Inia said:

    I've been busy with some crafty medieval commission work. Had some birthday stuff to make, and now I'm scrambling for Mother's Day ideas (after 20 years doing hand made, it's hard to keep it unique!). I've been inspired by beautiful cherry blossom scenes, so I'm carefully planning my own. Since I've got several months for this, I'm taking my time.

  25. #1105192017-05-13 15:58:30Cloud-VK said:

    I've made no amazing leaps in progress, had finals and whatnot, and I've kinda been rethinking my concept actually. But now that schools out, I got plenty of time to focus on this.

  26. #1106602017-05-22 08:34:29 *Aoberry said:

    Classes are finally over. Here's a little update of what I have so far.


    Theres a little bit more detail if you open the picture in a new tab

  27. #1110392017-06-07 13:13:34Cloud-VK said:

    I gots my background made.

    My thing is I'm trying to draw the best sever tan I can manage for this thing. I've drawn 5 different versions so far. But none that has made me really happy X/